Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nokia E71x Smartphone Mixes Business With Pleasure

What's it going to be, business or entertainment? Is that the dilemma you're facing when trying to decide on a new cell phone? If so, you should take a look at the Nokia E71x in sleek black.

Is this a BlackBerry? No, but it looks something like one. Your eye is drawn to the large color main display measuring 2.4 inches with 240x320 pixels and able to display over 16 million colors. It has a light sensing technology to make sure it is always the appropriate brightness for the illumination you are in. The bottom half of the device is dedicated to a full QWERTY keyboard, just like a you-know-what.

But this smartphone has some other tricks up its sleeve, or case as it were. Did you expect to find WiFi access included? The E71x will indeed connect to your favorite wireless access point, WiFi hotspot, wireless router or the like. That gives you super speed when you are within range of an 802.11 WiFi signal. But fear not, the designers of this phone will keep you connected at a high rate when you move out of the hotspot footprint and into cellular coverage. This phone will handle data downloads at up to 3.6 Mbps in 3G coverage areas and 144 Kbps in the slower EDGE areas of AT&T's network.

All that communications power will keep you in touch with the home office and able to view Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint documents along with PDF and ZIP files attached to emails. Don't you hate it when you get these at the beach and have to pretend to be on your way to a client's office? Well, at least you get to pretend you're doing business under that umbrella. Just don't call anybody. They'll hear the waves crashing and figure it out.

You can sync-up with your desktop device when you get back. Do that via Bluetooth, infrared, or USB cable. Bluetooth is also available for use with those little over-the-ear headsets that you see all the execs wearing in the grocery store. Only half of them are really connected to phones. The others are props so you won't think anything of guys babbling to themselves in the soup aisle.

Well, enough about work. The pleasure side of the Nokia E71x includes a built-in music player that supports your ability to create and manage playlists. An FM streo radio is also built-in. How about streaming multimedia? You bet. That's the other use for those lightning fast download speeds. Enjoy streaming AT&T TV or Music, or your own video clips. If you don't have any, make some using the built-in 3.2 Megapixel digital camera that also works as a camcorder. Don't worry about running out of memory. You can plug-in a microSD memory card up to 8GB for additional storage.

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