Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ethernet Internet For Your Business

There’s a new broadband connection service for business locations, and it’s one that is well worth a look. What is Ethernet Internet? I’ve prepared a short presentation on YouTube that explains the key points. Check out the Ethernet Internet business presentation on the YouTube site, or view it right here:

As the presentation states, Ethernet offers advantages in both price and performance at the same time. That’s nearly unheard of in most business products and services. But this is new technology on a fast moving learning curve. Look for Ethernet Internet to expand beyond its metropolitan roots and permeate every nook and cranny of the country. In rural areas, this may mean wireless delivery. In town, provisioning will be over copper for speeds up to 10 Mbps or so and fiber optics for the higher speeds.

Would you like to get more bandwidth for less money? You may very well be in a position to do so. Take a minute or so to use our GigaTrunks Ethernet Internet Finder to see what services and pricing is available for your specific location. To get maximum advantage, be sure to discuss your needs with a Telarus expert consultant. They have knowledge of the latest short term special offers that may not show up on the automated listings.

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