Friday, January 29, 2010

Call China From Your Car

You need to make an overseas call and now’s the right time. But you’re sitting in a parking lot far away from your home base. What do you do? Why, simply pull out your cell phone and use your TEL3 app. You’ll be talking to your party in China for just a penny a minute.

Call the world for pennies with TEL3Advantage. Get your free minutes bonus now.Whoa! Can you actually make international calls on your cell phone cheaper than on a landline?

Yes, you can if you have the right international long distance service. In fact, with the service I’m going to discuss, you can make cheap international calls from any phone you happen to be at.

The service is TEL3Advantage and you don’t need to change your current long distance service to use it. This is an add-on service known as an international dial-around. Think of it as an app for your phones. In fact, for many cell phones there is an actual app you can download. There’s a special TEL3Dialer for iPhone and a Smartplug for other cell phones.

Actually, the apps just make the service a bit easier to use. As with any dial-around, you call a special access number to connect to the service. Then you dial the party you wish to speak with. It’s something like using a calling card, but without the paper calling card and without the need to enter any pin numbers. What the apps do is make the process completely transparent. All you do is dial the international number you want and the app takes care of making the connection.

Now what’s that about a penny per minute? That’s the special introductory rate to call China. After 30 days you pay just 1.8 cents a minute as the regular rate. Why, I’ll bet your landline long distance service charges more than that to call the next state.

This service works from the USA or Canada and allows you to call worldwide at rates much lower than you’d expect. You can dial the access number from any phone, such as your office landline, home phone, hotel phone, or your cell phone. You’ll be using cellular minutes when using your cellphone, but the cost of calling overseas will be at the low per minute rates from TEL3Advantage. Did you know that if you try to make an international call from most cell phones, it either won’t go through or you’ll be charged a huge premium?

Don’t be cut off from family, friends and business colleagues overseas. You can call them anytime at super low rates. You get high call quality, no contracts or obligations, online account management, ability to make calls directly from your address book and even free minutes as a bonus when you sign up. Interested? Learn more and sign up now for your free minutes from TEL3Advantage International Long Distance Service.

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