Thursday, February 18, 2010

Covad Offers A Nationwide MPLS VPN Network For Business

Businesses with many office locations nationwide are getting a new secure networking option. Covad has just completed its Intelligent Network Platform designed to expand WAN networking capabilities at lower costs than you may be used to paying.

Connect your business locations with an MPLS VPN Network.Covad has designed its MPLS VPNs for the small to medium size businesses and larger distributed enterprises that need to solve the problem of how to interconnect multiple business locations. That may be franchises, field offices, warehouses, retail locations, factories, hotels and other buildings. There are two problems to be addressed with any multi-location networking scheme. First is how you reliably and securely link all of the sites together. Second is how you do that cost effectively.

MPLS is becoming the new standard in private line communications. Previous solutions have included Frame Relay networks and T1 point to point telecom lines. MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, which hints at its power. This is a system that will transport whatever protocol you require, be that switched circuit telephone calls, enormous data downloads, or broadcast video. It’s a network cloud in the sense that it has the capability to connect any location to any other location. You simply specify what that connectivity is going to be and the network operator takes care of enabling those connections.

Covad describes its MPLS network as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Being a privately run network, it is inherently more secure than a public utility such as the Internet. You can’t get data on or off the network unless you are a Covad customer. MPLS is not the same technology as the Internet. Special label switching routers are needed at every ingress and egress point to attach and remove the labels that are used to get data packets where they are intended.

Another advantage of MPLS networks is that they offer a means to prioritize packets to establish CoS Class of Service and QoS Quality of Service for traffic management. You know that if you send voice or video down the Internet, you are taking your chances on the quality of the real time transmissions. That’s because every packet is treated like every other packet and it’s just your bad luck if some node become congested and disrupts your data flow. As a managed network, MPLS networks can ensure that each packet gets the bandwidth and minimized latency that ensures high quality voice and video transport.

Do you need to network multiple locations with ensured quality at reasonable costs? If so, you need to investigate your options with Covad and other MPLS VPN Networks for Business.

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