Friday, March 26, 2010


Are you given to doing backflips over your cell phone? I didn’t think so. Here’s a new and unique smartphone design from Motorola that might change your mind. Its called the BACKFLIP.

Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR cell phone. Get a great deal on free and deeply discounted phones now.What’s unique about the BACKFLIP? It’s all in the hinge. Most phones with built-in physical QWERTY keyboards make you open the phone to find another display screen hinged above the keyboard. It’s too expensive to have a full size touchscreen on the face of the phone and other one the same size inside. So, you generally have to contend with a smaller inside screen or the main screen inside and a very small status screen outside.

The BACKFLIP solves this dilemma by reversing the hinge so that opening the phone puts the full size main screen above a large keyboard of similar size. Closed, the screen is on the front of the phone and the QWERTY keyboard is on the back. Problem solved. The photo gives you the idea.

What Motorola has done is give you a more spacious QWERTY keyboard than you expect in a smartphone and a high resolution touch screen to go along with it. It’s like carrying around a small computer as well as a cell phone.

Actually, it’s more than that. MOTOBLUR that runs on the Android operating system is a step-up in mobile access. Your social networks are all collected on one screen that you can access with just a flip of your thumb. Include your messages and favorite apps on the same customizable screen. With AT&T 3G wireless service you can talk and surf the Web at the same time. It’s a multitasking must-have.

What else does this clever phone do? It takes high quality pictures with 5 megapixels of resolution. That’s as good or better than your old digital camera - and it’s built into the phone. It also works as a camcorder at movie speeds of 24 frames per second. That’s something your old camera doesn’t do. That one never let you edit your pictures right in the camera and then send them to your friends immediately with multimedia messaging. This one does.

There are many other features that may also induce you to do backflips. You can put this phone in table-top mode as a digital picture frame or bedside alarm. You can geo-tag your photos, see where you are with Google Maps and listen to music on the Android MP3 player or watch videos. For really high speed operations, there’s built-in WiFi and you’ll have free access to more than 20,000 AT&T WiFi hotspots nationwide.

So much phone for so little money. How little? How about free (as of this writing) with a new AT&T account. That includes free shipping right to your home, all set up and ready to use. So, are you ready to flip? If so, learn more and order your Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR for AT&T now.

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