Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cash In With Custom Toll Free Numbers

Do you know that the most valuable asset is in many businesses? Beyond the employees, of course. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s their toll free number.

What’s so important about a toll free number? It’s not that the numbers themselves are magic. It’s the tremendous investment, both in advertising cost and sweat equity, that go into making that number synonymous with the business. You see them advertised on television, on the radio, in print and online. The catchier the toll free number and the more you associate it with a particular business, the more value it has. Do any of these examples happen to ring a bell (so to speak)?


Note: These aren't just numbers that come to mind, they are also among the top ones listed by Google for "1-800". This shows that toll free numbers even help you get noticed on the Internet.

How about your business? Do people have an easy way to get in contact with you? Will they remember when it comes time to acquire your goods or services? Or will they just get out the yellow pages and call some ad they happen on or walk into the nearest store that looks like it might have what they need?

If you’ve got a substantial business or aspire to be one, getting an easy to remember toll free number can be just the hook you need. It’s even better if the number spells out the name of your business or what you do. These are called vanity numbers for obvious reasons. But the term vanity is much too shallow to describe the value of these assets. They should probably be called golden numbers or licenses to print money.

Now, the big question. How do you find these numbers? They must all be taken already, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Of course, some of the best are taken. Toll free numbers didn’t just pop up yesterday (I’ll tell you about an exception in just a second). But there are many, many combinations that are available and ready for you to order right now. Don’t get a headache straining your brain to come with clever slogans or strain your eyes starting at the telephone keypad. Make the search easy with a FREE toll free number search.

Just enter the name of your business, product, service or something like that. That’s good enough to get started. This search tool will automatically convert your text to numbers and then search a database of millions of toll free numbers to the closest matches. You’ll see a list of possibilities displayed. Pick one of those or try some other phrases to see what pops up.

Now here’s something not too many people know. There’s a new toll free number becoming available soon. You already know about 800, 866, 877 and 888 prefixes. They’re all toll free. On October 1, 2010 at exactly 12:00 PM EST the prefix 855 will be released by the FCC. It’s going to be like a land rush, and perhaps more valuable. If you’ve got something in mind but your number combinations are all taken, then you want to reserve your 855 toll free number now.

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