Friday, March 11, 2011

Low Cost Cloud Backup For Business

Many companies are taking a hard look at what cloud services have to offer. Not all businesses have their own data centers or on-site public-facing web servers. But all businesses generate important data that they can’t afford to lose. Think about what would happen if a tornado, flood or fire came sweeping through and destroyed all the paper and computer files in your office. How badly would that hurt you? What if your hard drive simply crashed? They do that, you know.

Protect Your Business
Fortunately there is an easy way to protect yourself without getting into a costly outsourcing contract. Simply backup your important business files to a secure location quickly and cheaply. The service you are looking for is called MozyPro.

Mozy is a cloud services company that specializes in low cost online backup solutions for both individuals and businesses of all size. Their business product is called MozyPro. It’s used by over 70,000 businesses right now. Why? Because it’s an affordable pay-as-you-go solution with no setup fees, no hardware to buy and very little in the way of management needed.

Compare that to remembering, or trying to remember, to backup your hard disk drives. You know you’re going to forget occasionally. Even if you don’t, will all of your files be backed up when disaster strikes or will it have been too long since the last backup? By the way, where are you going to store those backup disks or tapes? In an office safe? In a file drawer? Bad idea. For disaster recovery, you want copies of your files as far away from your business location as possible. It’s unlikely that disaster will strike two geographically unrelated areas at exactly the same time.

Here’s how MozyPro works. You get a Web-based administrative console and software for each Windows or Mac user, or server that you want to backup. These simple tools allow you to select folders and files to backup to the secure Mozy data center. You can also set automatic or scheduled backups and restore files and folders as you wish. The simplest approach is to tell MozyPro to automatically backup files while your computer is not in use. That way you’ll be sure backups are up to date.

But how secure is this process? Mozy is part of EMC Corporation, the largest provider of data storage platforms in the world. Their servers are located in world-class data centers located around the world. They are all SAS70 or ISO 27001 certified and, where applicable, adhere to European Union Safe HArbor Privacy Principles. Prior to transfer, your data is encrypted with military-grade data encryption and then sent to the data centers via 128-bit SSL connection. You can choose a managed encryption key or a personal key for added security.

Here’s something else you might like. Windows user can use a feature called Mozy 2xProtect to backup locally to a USB or external drive in addition to online. You’ll have a copy of your files nearby in case of an oops, but also a remote secure copy in case of a major disaster.

How much does all of this cost? You buy licenses for your computers and servers and pay by the month. Desktop licenses are $3.95 a month plus $0.50/GB per month for each user. Server licenses are just $6.95 per month plus $0.50/GB per month for each server. You’ll get a special deal if you sign up for an annual or biennial subscription rather than just paying by the month.

Have you had that uncomfortable feeling that you aren’t as well protected as you should be? Mozy offers pretty cheap insurance to help your business keep running no matter what. Learn more and sign up for MozyPro Online Backup For Business now. You’ll sleep a lot easier.

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