Thursday, December 23, 2004

Are You Ready To Move to The OC?

In this case OC means Optical Carrier. Yes, you can have it in Orange County or most mid-size and larger metropolitan areas.

Why an OC? Speed! Lots and lots of speed, which equates to lots and lots of bandwidth to support hundreds and thousands of users for VoIP telephone, Internet access, website hosting, video conferencing or sending radiology images between hospitals.

Now don't ask if this is what you need for real-time gaming. It's not unless you have some thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month to finance your gaming interests. Wait until SBC or another carrier brings fiber to your home and it will be affordable for residential use. What we're talking about here is enterprise level business bandwidth in almost unlimited amounts.

What levels of service can you get on fiber optic carriers? The usual entry level is OC3 which runs at 155 Mbps. That's equivalent to 3 T3 lines or 84 T1 lines. That is enough bandwidth to support standard Ethernet (10 Mbps) or Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) to extend your company network. Want Gigabit capacity? The fastest OC service generally available in major markets is OC48 that runs at 2,488 Mbps. Carriers themselves have backbones that run at higher rates including OC768 at 40 Gbps.

If you really need this level of performance, we'd be happy to provide you with Competitive Quotes for Fiber Optic Carrier Service.

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