Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Welcome to the Explainer

Are you mystified by the arcane language of telecom? T1 Rex will explain it all here on the Telexplainer (formerly known as T1 Rex's Business Telecom Explainer). We'll define those acronyms such as T1, T3, DS3, VoIP, PON, VPN and so on. We'll talk about how to apply the technologies. DSL vs T1, Gigabit Ethernet vs SONET. Packet switched versus circuit switched. We'll also discuss what's happening in the telecommunications industry and how you can benefit. As a user of high speed voice and data lines, this blog's for you.

So, what's the story on the dinosaur? T1 Rex is not only a play on the words T1 and T-Rex, but also a knock on the staid world of telecommunications line pricing which has been nothing short of monstrously high since the Jurassic age (or seemingly that long.) A newly competitive marketplace plus new Internet based search tools developed only in the last couple of years now improve the efficiency of matching customer needs to vendor services. You're the winner when the price you pay for your next T1 line contract is LESS than the contract that is just expiring.

See if T1 Rex can take a bite out your telecom costs. You can get an Instant Online T1 Quote Here with no cost or obligation. Try it. You can't spend more than a few minutes checking the offers and there's a good possibility your eyes will pop out of their sockets. Now who is really the dinosaur? It is us or your traditional telecom vendor? You be the judge.

Please visit us often to keep up with all the exciting developments in the high speed digital line world. Your comments, suggestions and questions are most welcome. We'll do our best to respond quickly.

Best Wishes,

John Shepler, owner, Telexplainer

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