Thursday, July 14, 2005

OPEX Communications Advantages for Business

OPEX Communications, Inc. is a competitive long distance, VoIP and cellular carrier with a commitment to OPerational EXcellence. Hence, the name OPEX. Located in Elk Grove Village, a suburb of Chicago, OPEX was established in 1998 and harnessed the leverage of the Internet to reduce costs from the get-go.

OPEX's flagship product is competitive 1+ long distance service. Business users pay just 2.95 cents per minute anytime for interstate calls in major service areas of the lower 48 states. Businesses located in smaller towns and rural areas with independent phone companies may pay slightly higher rates. There is no monthly fee on your account, although there is a low usage fee of $2 if your bill is under $20 for a given month.

International calling rates are low for a 1+ phone service. You'll pay 6 cents a minute to call the UK or France, 5.5 cents per minute to call Spain, 8 cents per minute for calls to Germany, just 7 cents per minute to call Japan, and 8.9 cents per minute to call China.

The billing increment is a generous 6 seconds with a minimum call length of 18 seconds. Why is this important? Like most of us, I'll bet you play a lot of phone tag. If a significant number of your calls are answered by voice mail messages, you want to minimize the cost per call. Many long distance carriers bill in full minute increments with a 60 second minimum charge. You may spend only 20 or 30 seconds leaving a message, but pay for a full minute. With OPEX, your minimum charge is only 18 seconds, or 30 seconds for international calls.

The 6 second increments also add up when you make lots and lots of calls during the month. Whether you make a dozen or a hundred phone calls every day, you'll save on every call with smaller billing increments.

The FCC has mandated certain charges for all business phone lines. The USF or Universal Service Fund is 8.7% and the PICC (Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge) fee is $3.25 per line after the first line. If you have only one business line, there is no PICC fee.

How about toll free numbers? Toll free numbers are an excellent business tool to encourage customers to call for information or to place orders. Now you can publish a toll free number without worrying that high toll-free calling rates will result in a big monthly expense. OPEX offers inbound toll-free service at the same per minute rate as your outgoing long distance calls. That's as low as 2.95 cents per minute. There is a $2 per month additional charge for your first inbound toll free line and 53 cents for each additional inbound toll free line. With rates that low, you can publish different toll free numbers on different advertising campaigns so that you know which ads are bringing in the business.

Take your OPEX long distance service with you when you travel by ordering an OPEX calling card to complement your landline service. The card is 99 cents to set up and you'll pay just 14.9 cents per minute. There is no connection charge, but there is a government mandated 35 cent charge when you make calls from a pay phone.

Unlike some newer carriers who are leveraging the power of the Internet for ordering and customer service, OPEX gives you the option of getting a paper bill or an online e-bill at no charge. You can have both for an additional $1.99 a month. You also have the option to pay by mailing a check every month or with auto-pay which debits a checking account or charges a major credit card.

Here's an additional incentive to switch your long distance service to OPEX. Right now you can get 100 free state to state minutes which will be credited to your six month's bill. Learn more and sign up for OPEX long distance phone service here. You'll also have the opportunity to order by phone if you wish.

Two newer services from OPEX are a VoIP service called OPEX Internet Voice which is appropriate for small office and home office users, and a low cost cell phone service called OPEX Wireless, which offers cellular plans without long term contracts from $9.99 per month.

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