Sunday, August 07, 2005

Net10 Prepaid Cell Phones Are Hot

You know how it is. You could really use a cell phone, but wince at the thought of signing on the dotted line for a two year commitment. That's especially true if you are only going to be in an area or even the country for a short time. Or, maybe you just can't pass the rigorous credit check the major cellular providers need to give you a contract. That's OK. There's a really good alternative right now and it's called Net10.

Net10 is arguably the best deal going in prepaid cell phones. With Net10, you pay as you go at 10 cents per minute. There's no contract, no commitment and no credit check involved. You just buy a special cell phone that works on the Net10 wireless network and then buy your minutes as you need them. When you don't want the service anymore, just stop using it. When the term of your minutes expires, your account will go inactive and your phone number will be reassigned. What you won't get is a bill for not living up to the terms of your contract. That's because there is no contract.

So how about this 10 cent a minute rate? Is that for real? Yes it is. You pay $30 for 300 minutes which are good for 30 days. That's 10 cents per minute and those minutes are good for local, long distance or roaming. So what happens at the end of 30 days? Well if you want to keep using the service with the same phone number, you'll need to buy more minutes before the time expires. You can buy another 30 minute "time card" before the first one expires and the minutes you haven't used yet will rollover. You can also buy larger card with longer time periods. $60 gets you 600 minutes good for 60 days. You can get 1,800 minutes for $180 and they're good for 180 days. Or buy the 3,000 minutes card for $300 and get up to 365 days of service.

If you use your phone regularly, you won't have to try to remember when your minutes expire. The special phone will display your balance and let you know when you need to add more minutes. You'll be able to do that quickly and easily on the Web or by phone call. You'll also find minutes cards at major retailers, such as Wal-Mart.

Ten cents a minute is what is making Net10 the hot new service in the prepaid cell phones business. Hey, you may have a hard time beating that rate on your landline when you divide the monthly cost by the number of minutes you actually use. It's certainly competitive with other cellular phone plans and better than many. Plus you have control of your costs, no ongoing commitment, and you can keep your unused minutes as long as you keep your service active.

If you order now, you can get great deals on popular cell phone models ready to go for Net10 service. Better hurry to make sure you get in on these deals. NET10...Pay As You Go Made Simple.

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