Sunday, September 04, 2005

LG VX8100 Audio Video Cell Phone

The LG VX8100 entertainment phone is one of the new wave of cell phones that are also mobile entertainment centers. Thanks to the Verizon Wireless VCAST system, you can download full motion video clips up to 5 minutes in length, including music videos and concert performances. VCAST is the first widely available multimedia content service for cell phones and includes newscasts, sports reports, weather updates and entertainment programs. It's enough to make you forget you also have a cell phone.

The LG VX8100 looks like an ordinary clamshell style cellular phone. It also works like a cell phone with up to 180 minutes of talk time and up to 216 hours of standby time. It has a speakerphone. It also has Bluetooth communications so you can use a wireless headset. There are two color displays. The main display is 176 x 220 pixels with over 262,000 colors. The external display is 128 x 128 pixels with 65,000 colors.

Even the built-in digital camera is higher resolution than you might expect in a cell phone. This one has 1.3 megapixel resolution for print quality photos. The camera doubles as a camcorder with 15 seconds of record time. It has 2x digital zoom, an LED flash and a self-timer so you can include yourself in those group shots.

What really makes this a 3G phone is the EV-DO broadband capability. EV-DO or EVolution Data Only is a high speed digital data service that shares cellular bandwidth. It is sometimes referred to as 1xEVDO. Bandwidth is up to 2.4 Mbps download speed using a separate 1.25 MHz radio channel. In practice, you'll probably see more typical speeds of 300 to 500 Kbps. That's fast enough to download audio and video content without excruciating delays. EV-DO is also being heavily promoted by Verizon as a alternative to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

To complete its repertoire of multimedia capabilities, the LG VX8100 includes a MP3 player with stereo output. In one package, you have a cell phone, digital camera / camcorder and a video on demand player.

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