Monday, November 07, 2005

Boingo is Now Also Boeing-Go

Boingo, the WiFi hotspot aggregator, has a special offer for travelers in November. This month, Boingo will also include FREE in-flight Internet access aboard any Connexion by Boeing routes.

Connexion by Boeing is in-flight broadband access. That's right. You can access the Internet right from the laptop on your tray table as you wing your way across the ocean. Lufthansa has an extensive list of flights that offer this satellite-based Internet service. You'll also be able to get Connexion by Boeing on selected flights by ANA, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, JAL, Korean Air, SAS and Singapore Airlines. If you buy unlimited access on a six hour or longer flight, you can expect to pay $29.95. That's well worth it when you need to finish a presentation before landing, or just to while the hours away playing games online.

Sign up for Boingo service and your Connexion by Boeing service is included for November. One of those long flights would pay your entire Boingo bill. But, Boingo's real claim to fame is access to the more desirable WiFi hotspots in major airports, hotels, cafes and retail locations. You can get access to over 20,000 hotspots around the world for $21.95 a month. If you travel internationally on business, study or vacation, you know that Internet access isn't always a given. Boingo makes it easy with a single plan that works with all these thousands of access points.

Sure, free wireless access is great. But you know there isn't always a free hotspot nearby, especially when you absolutely have to get online between flights or from your hotel. With Boingo, you can still use the free hotspots as you find them. You'll also have access to the 20,000 hotspots available with your Boingo service. That should keep you pretty well covered.

In addition to the special in-flight broadband offer, Boingo is also offering your second month free if you sign up now for unlimited monthly service at $21.95 a month. If you're a person on the move, it's a great offer.

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