Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Samsung A900 Rivals Motorola RAZR V3 Black

If you think that the Motorola RAZR V3 "Razor" is the ultimate in cell phone technology, then you should have a look at the contender from Samsung. The A900 is also a super-thin multimedia phone packed with useful technology.

The Samsung A900 is packaged in a chic black shell just slightly thicker than the RAZR's half-inch. This one measures in at 0.57 inches to be precise. On the outside you'll find a color display capable of over showing 65,000 colors. That's as good as the main display in many cell phones. You'll also notice three silver buttons that look like they belong on an MP3 player. That's because they do. The A900 comes with an MP3 music player built-in. It's capable of downloading songs on the go from the Sprint Music Store.

Inside, you'll find the 2.5 inch color main display, which is unusually bright and capable of over 262,000 colors. This display is designed for multimedia. It's set up to show on-demand TV video clips from the Sprint TV service. You can make your own videos using the built-in Megapixel digital camera with and LED flash that doubles as a movie camera light. Still photos are good enough to print. That's made easy by the PictBridge capability, so you can print directly to PictBridge capable printers.

Hands-free communications are built-in. The outstanding voice-activated dialing on the A900 lets you simply speak a phone book name with no pre-training needed. Clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and you can have private conversations without having to hold up the phone or deal with dangling wires. Or, turn on the speakerphone for group conversations. Need to make a note? Forget writing. Use the voice memo feature to record up to 5 memos up to 1 minute each.

Text messaging lets you send and receive SMS text messages or SMS voice messages. This phone also has great voice to text dictation capability.

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