Monday, February 13, 2006

Samsung A970 Two Megapixel Camera Phone Deal

Is it a cell phone or a camcorder? Yes. The Samsung A970 video phone does double duty as a clamshell style flip phone on the Verizon Wireless network and an easy to use digital camcorder.

What makes this phone completely different from its peers is the unusually high resolution digital camera and the cool swivel viewfinder that let you easily turn your cell phone into a handy camcorder at a moment's notice.

Your digital camera in the Samsung A970 is capable of print quality still photos with it's 2.0 Megapixel resolution. That's a full 1600 x 1200 pixels. It also has LED flash and 2x optical zoom. Plus it shoots videos. Sure, other cell phones can capture short video clips somewhat awkwardly, but the A970 has two features that make video capture a pleasure.

First, the camera is built into the hinge of the phone so that the lens points sideways when you are using the phone to converse. The large color display does something amazing. It swivels 90 degrees so that it faces you when you point the camera lens toward your subject. Now you have a device that more closely resembles a real camcorder.

Another video capture feature is that the length of your movie making is limited only by the size of the available memory. Not the relatively small memory that is part of the phone's circuitry. You have expandable memory capacity using plug-in microSD/ TransFlash memory cards.

Those features alone make this a unique and highly useful cell phone. But the Samsung A970 offers so much more. This phone is VCAST enabled for the Verizon Wireless EV-DO broadband cellular network. VCAST lets you watch on-demand TV shows including news, weather, entertainment and sports features. They download quickly and look fantastic on the large color main display capable of showing 262,000 colors.

Another built-in communications technology is Bluetooth. Just clip a cordless Bluetooth headset on your ear and you can converse without having to hold the phone to your ear. Other hands-free capabilities include a built-in speakerphone and voice activated dialing. Just speak a name that's in your phonebook and the A970 will dial the number for you. No pre-training is needed.

If that's not enough capability, your Samsung A970 cell phone also includes a MP3 Player with stereo sound. Now take your tunes with you on one of those plug-in memory cards.

Of course you also get standard SMS text messaging, multimedia messaging, instant messaging, email and Web browsing capabilities included in the advanced technology of the A970. This phone has all the personal technology you need, all in one small package.

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