Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Samsung MM-A880 Multimedia Phone Special

The Samsung MM-A880 is a cell phone with a digital camera that gives you an easy way to make prints. It's also streaming multimedia viewer that gives you access to on-demand TV and streaming music through the Sprint PCS Vision service. You like it already, right? Here's something else you'll really like.

The MM in Samsung MM-A880 stands for multimedia. This is the new standard term for cell phones with video and audio capabilities built-in. The trend is toward one mobile device that you use for voice communications, messaging, web access, capturing photos and videos, playing music and viewing streaming multimedia clips.

Sprint's multimedia content service is known as Sprint PCS Vision. This is an add-on service with plans that let you browse the web or send and receive email send picture mail or video clips, and a deluxe plan that offers video and audio from providers like NBC, The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, FOX Sports and others.

Even if video on the go isn't what you are looking for in a cell phone, you may want to consider this phone for its digital camera capabilities. First of all, the 1.03 Megapixel camera takes still photos with much greater resolution than the VGA quality digital camera that is standard in most camera phones. That gives you nice, clear pictures that look great on the larger than usual color main display of the A880. Your display actually measures 1.14 x 1.43 inches and can show over 262,000 colors. Certainly those snapshots will be fun to send as picture messages, but with this level of resolution you probably want to make prints of the better ones. This is where the Samsung MM-A880 excels. It has PictBridge software that lets you print pictures directly from your phone.

Other features of note include the ability to use your digital camera in video capture mode to make short videos up to 15 seconds long. The camera's LED flash also acts like a movie light. Advanced voice activated dialing requires no pre-training. You can go completely hands-free for conversations by turning on the built-in speakerphone.

The Samsung MM-A880 is built into a clamshell case about the size of a business card and less than an inch thick. The shell is tinted a very subtle frosty lavender color as opposed to the ubiquitous silver tone. Also somewhat rare is an external display that has the same 262,000 colors capability as the main display. All this in a 3.5 ounce package.

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