Friday, February 17, 2006

Sony Ericsson GC89 Cellular Aircard Special

Mobile professionals, here's the must-have service for your notebook computer. It's cellular broadband and it's now available at a attractive prices.

Cellular broadband is exactly what you need to be able to access the Internet just about anywhere you happen to be. You probably have one or more favorite restaurants or coffee shops where you can relax with a beverage and get some work done using WiFi Internet service. That's great for researching information, checking your email and even entering orders or other customer data without having to trudge all the way back to the office. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to access your databases and order entry pages right at the client's office? Or in your car?

Wi-Fi hotspots are great, but coverage is spotty. You can't count of being able to connect unless you can get to a known hotspot. WiMAX will have much better coverage, but don't hold your breath for this service. You'll turn blue before it gets here in a year or so. Dial-up Internet? Oh, please.

Cellular broadband runs on the same cellular networks that provide your cell phone service. T-Mobile is one of the largest cellular carriers in the country and has reliable coverage for both voice and data in nearly every populated area. Technically, T-Mobile uses the GSM transmission standard, the most popular in the world. The Internet data service that runs on the T-Mobile GSM network is called GPRS for General Packet Radio Service. The enhanced version is called EGPRS or EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution). GPRS provides data rates at 30 to 80 Kbps, which is better than dial-up. EDGE provides about a 4x improvement or up to 274 Kbps maximum.

A feature of the popular the Sony Ericsson GC89 cellular aircard is that it is EDGE compatible so you get the fastest rate in areas where you can receive EDGE transmissions and GPRS service automatically in all other areas where you can get a signal. Older designs only had GPRS capability. A bonus feature of the GC89 is that it is also a Wi-Fi access card. When you are at a Wi-Fi hotspot or near your company's wireless access point, you can connect up to 54 Mbps. Both the 802.11b and 802.11g protocols are supported.

The Sony Ericsson GC89 plugs right into a PC Card Type II card slot. It gets power from the PC. There is a very small antenna you can flip up to get a stronger signal, if needed.

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