Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sony Ericsson Z520a with Bluetooth Headset Free Deal

The Sony Ericsson Z520a is an upgrade to the venerable Z500a cell phone. This tiny flip phone weighs just 3.3 ounces and is smaller than a standard business card. It fits neatly in the palm of your hand, yet is packed with the latest in technology.

Take Bluetooth communications, for instance. Bluetooth is the short range wireless technology that lets you clip a small Bluetooth headset on your ear and talk without having to hold up the phone or deal with pesky earphone cables. It's terrific when you want to keep your hands free but carry on a conversation. Another feature that lets you do this is the built-in speakerphone. Turn it on and everybody at your end can listen and talk.

Your Sony Ericsson Z520a has a VGA quality digital camera with a 4x digital zoom. It's just right for taking and sharing those photo opportunities that pop up without warning. Keep your Z520a handy and you'll always have a digital camera with you to capture the moment. This camera also works in camcorder mode, letting you record video clips up to 60 seconds long.

You get two displays on this stylish flip phone. The main display inside is capable of showing over 65,000 colors. Another color display on the outside of the phone shows important information while the Z520a is folded shut.

How about messaging? You bet. You can send and receive standard SMS text messages or multimedia messages. AOL Instant Messenger is also built-in for your convenience.

You might think that all this technology running in such a small package would suck a battery dry in no time. Not so with the Sony Ericsson Z520a. This powerhouse gives you up to 540 minutes of talk time. That's up to 9 hours! Standby time is an equally impressive max of 400 hours or 16 days.

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