Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LG CG300 Cingular Walkie Talkie Phone

The new LG CG300 is a very unusual cell phone in that it supports both regular cellular communications and Cingular's Push to Talk or Walkie Talkie style of communicating. It also has a lot of other technology in a package that weighs less than 3 1/2 ounces.

Open this small flip phone and you'll find a nice color display capable of showing over 65,000 colors. It the perfect complement to the VGA quality digital camera with LED flash and multi-shot mode. You can share your photos via multimedia messaging. You also get standard text messaging, email and mobile Web browsing.

Need to go hands-free for safety or convenience? You have choices. You can turn on the built-in speakerphone, or clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and put the phone in your pocket. While closed, the monochrome external display shows important information like signal strength and battery life.

The LG CG300 is a great everyday cell phone with the key features you'll use all the time. But what really makes this phone special is the capability to operate in Walkie Talkie mode on the Cingular Wireless network. Walkie Talkie or Push to Talk mode has its origins in two-way radio. You push a button and your voice comes out of the other person's cell phone immediately. No waiting around for the phone to ring. You can also have groups connected together in PTT mode. You take turns talking and everybody else listens. Each person participating in a Walkie Talkie communication needs to have optional Cingular Wireless PTT service and a phone that supports it.

By the way, you can switch back and forth between standard cell phone communications and PTT at will. You can even start a conversation in one mode and switch to the other if you so desire. Unlike standard two-way radios, you can use Cingular's PTT anywhere nationwide that you get coverage on the Cingular ALLOVER network.

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