Friday, June 02, 2006

New Networking Equipment and PBX Marketplace

The new T1 VAR Network offers a one-stop online marketplace to buy and sell networking equipment, PBX telephone and VoIP business phone systems. You can also find network engineers, phone system installers, broadband, VoIP, and telecom consultants. Plus you can get competitive quotes for voice and data T1 lines, web hosting, VoIP and related services.

Why haven't you heard of this before? It just launched. This is a new service that makes all the resources you need for computer networking or business phone systems available in one place. Up until now it was up to you to research equipment, find buyers or sellers, locate someone who can design or install the system and then make arrangements for the WAN connections or T1 telephone lines.

The T1 VAR Network offers free consulting for everything related to your business telecommunications needs, including networking equipment, high speed Internet service, phone system hardware, telephone service, VoIP equipment and service.

So what's the catch? This is expensive, right? Actually, the service is 100% free. T1 VAR Network is both a matchmaking service between clients who need telecom equipment and services and suppliers who can provide the equipment, installation, consulting and wireline services. Such suppliers are often called Value Added Resellers, which is what the VAR stands for.

If you are a systems integrator or certified equipment dealer, you are invited to join the network for free. You'll receive leads to grow your client base and free customer tracking software. You'll also have access to the most advanced line pricing system to get competitive quotes for T1 lines, DS3 and IP WAN connections, fiber optic carriers and PBX PRI digital voice circuits.

As a user of these services, you'll deal only with the best pre-screened VARs and be able to view feedback from customers who have used each contractor.

Whether you are a company looking to purchase a network installation, enterprise VOIP system or digital line services, or a supplier looking for new business opportunities, you should take a look at the T1 VAR Network now.

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