Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sprint Wireless Data Roaming in Canada and Mexico

Starting July 1 you'll be able to use your smartphone or PC aircard while visiting Canada and Mexico, thanks to a new reciprocal wireless service deals that Sprint has negotiated with peer providers Bell Canada and Grupo lusacell. Data roaming is now joining voice roaming across international borders, at least in North America.

The ability to email anyone, anywhere and access Web sites around the world has become a given in this age of ubiquitous Internet service. But the connected world is now becoming the wirelessly connected world. Sprint has acknowledged that these North American roaming agreements are just the start of an aggressive international services expansion. Other major wireless carriers are sure to follow suit. Now that nearly everyone has a cell phone and nearly everyone in business has a laptop computer and/or mobile data device, wireline services are becoming augmented and even supplanted by wireless access.

Service is available in select areas of Canada including Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. High speed data service is available in Toronto and Montreal. Mexico data service is available for Acapulco, Cabo, Cancun, Guadalajara, La Paz, Mexico City, Monterrey, Merida, Tepic, Tijuana and Zacatecas. High speed data is available in these locations except for Merida and Zacatecas.

Probably the most exciting prospect is the ability to access high speed data on the Sprint EV-DO network beyond U.S. borders. This gives you broadband over cellular connections. It likely won't be too long before we enjoy worldwide mobile broadband service for business and vacation travel.

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