Friday, August 18, 2006

Motorola i850 for Nextel Helps You Collaborate

Nextel has long been popular with people who want to get things done. It's unique iDEN network enables rapid push-to-talk communications, even among groups. GPS navigation services have also been a strong suit of Nextel. The Motorola i850 includes these technologies and more in a low cost phone that's highly popular.

Nextel's iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) was developed by Motorola as a combination of cellular and trunked radio technology. Trunked radio is often associated with public service two-way radios like those used by police and fire departments. Trunked radio is a push to talk communications system that automatically assigns channels as needed. Users who need to talk with each other are assigned to a common trunk channel. Other groups get their own channels.

Nextel offers services that let you emulate a trunked two-way radio system using your cell phones. You select another Nextel phone you want to talk to and just push a button to have your voice come out of their phone. No dialing a number, waiting for multiple rings and then the person finally picks up. A optional service lets you talk to a group of people all at once. Each person in the group takes a turn speaking by pushing the talk button on their phone. Everybody else listens in.

This is called PTT or Push to Talk. It's also commonly called Walkie-Talkie mode because it works just like using walkie talkie radio sets. Well, except that you have your own private channels that other people can't listen in on. The range is also greatly extended since you are using a cellular network. Nextel's Direct Send service even lets you instantly send pictures instantly the party you are in PTT contact with so you can discuss what's on the image. Nextel Group Walkie Talkie service lets you talk to 20 people at once nationwide. Unlimited International Walkie-Talkie service lets you instantly cross borders within Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Imagine the possibilities for project collaboration with services like these.

Another service that is geared especially toward business use is Nextel's Mobile Locator. With this optional service, you can see the current location of any employee’s Nextel phone in real time on your PC connected to the Internet. You get an address or location on a map. One good use for this is to dispatch the closest employee for a delivery or pickup. You can even point and click to send messages to the phone(s) you are tracking.

The Motorola i850 supports all these Nextel services plus standard cellular phone calls with any cell phone or landline phone. It has a speakerphone for hands-free operation and a VGA quality digital camera for taking pictures on the go. The large 2.2 inch color display shows over 65,000 colors to give you a excellent look at those snapshots you've taken or others sent to you by Direct Send. Standard text messaging and multimedia messaging capability is included. Mobile Web browsing is possible using the built-in Openwave browser and the optional Nextel Web Plan.

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