Monday, August 07, 2006

Samsung A990 3.2 Megapixel Phone Camera

How about a little phone with your digital camera? Actually, you can have a lot of phone with your digital camera if you get the new Samsung A990. It's a powerful cell phone with the highest resolution digital camera we've seen in a cell phone. Two top-drawer digital devices in one.

You'd be correct to call the A990 a phone camera. In fact, if you get too busy taking photos you might even forget you are holding a cell phone. Until the camera rings, of course. What separates the Samsung A990 from the legions of camera phones out there comes down to two things. First is the incredible resolution of 3. 2 Megapixels. That's a maximum resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Gee. My main digital camera is a Toshiba with the same resolution and it cost more than this phone. It also doesn't have the viewing screen of the A990.

That's the other major photographic feature. The color main display is a huge 240 x 320 pixels and displays over 262,000 colors. Those clever Samsung designers know you want to use this to frame and view your pictures, so they mounted the main display on a swivel. You twist it around and close the phone. Now you have what looks like a real digital camera with lens on one side of the case and viewfinder on the other.

Pictures this good need to be printed. The Samsung A990 goes way beyond most cameras and camera phones to give you easy options to print your valued snapshots. You can connect the camera directly to a PictBridge enabled printer and print off selected shots without even needing a computer. Even fancier, this camera will talk to a Bluetooth enabled printer wirelessly. Tuck a Bluetooth printer under your arm when you head over for family functions and you'll be able to capture and print those magic moments right on the spot.

Or skip the printing step completely. The A990 has a TV output. You can connect your camera to a television or home theater and project Grandpa's dentures giant size. Or Sister's new braces. OK, sometimes technology can enable bad behavior. Photograph responsibly.

As a Verizon Wireless cell phone, the Samsung A990 gives you the latest in multimedia entertainment. Watch on-demand TV or listen to music via VCAST, Verizon's optional video service. You can also make use of the built-in GPS capability with Verizon's optional VZ Navigator. You get turn by turn navigational directions. It's a Nav system on your phone.

One of the coolest visual features of the Samsung A990 is the analog clock display. Close your phone and the color external display shows the an outstanding image of an old fashioned analog clock with Roman Numerals in a golden glow. It reminds me so much of a watch from the 1930's that my dad owned.

Certainly, a phone of this caliber has all the usual advanced niceties. They include speakerphone, voice activated dialing that requires no phone pre-training, Bluetooth headset support for hands-free communications, video capture ability with up to 1 hour of running time, built-in instant messengers, and a ringtone editor. Memory is expandable using cards up to 2 GB in capacity.

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