Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Become a VAR Partner to Enhance Your Technology Business

Does your technology related business depend on finding new customers to grow revenue or even maintain your present business level? Time consuming and expensive, isn't it? How would you like to at least partially ease that pain by joining a network of qualified buyers and sellers, all looking for a great deal?

What sort of network is that? It's new. The VAR Network is an automated real-time online system developed to link buyers and sellers of B2B technology products and services. By highly automating the system, the VAR Network makes connecting buyers and sellers far faster, more efficient and cheaper than ever before. In fact, it's so efficient that there are no fees to join, submit requests as a buyer or receive leads as a seller.

So what kind of business is this appropriate for? Suppliers of technology products and services to other businesses. In that category is business telephone systems, PBX, retail point of sale systems, wiring installers, security cameras, monitoring and burglar alarms, local area networking for small and medium businesses, enterprise level IT services including VoIP, routers, servers, remote support, ISPs, WISPs, WiFi hotspots, industrial control, networked copiers and related technologies.

Ah, but there's a catch, right? If this is any good, it can't be free. We'll it is free for buyers to encourage them to look online for the technical support services and capital equipment they need. For sellers, there is a fee but it is charged as a small percentage of businesses billed. In other words, you pay something to the VAR Network only if you actually receive business leads that convert into billed sales. There are no costs involved in registering your business as a VAR Partner, receiving any number of viable leads, and taking whatever time is required to successfully close those leads.

The other thing you should know is that the VAR Network is owned and developed by Telarus, Inc. They're a major broker of telecommunication services and parent company of Shop For T1, the online telecom line service broker used by T1 Rex. Being a Telarus service has another major benefit. In addition to matching equipment buyers and sellers, the VAR Network has access to the GeoQuote system and its suite of nearly 30 competitive T1, PRI and DS3 line vendors. That gives buyers one-stop shopping for their system and WAN / telephone lines. It also gives VAR partners an opportunity to profit by offering competitively priced telecom line services to their customers.

If you think that this type of B2B networking would help generate additional sales for your company, then it behooves you to visit our new T1 VAR Partner Network site to get the full details, learn about the success companies similar to yours have had, compare with other business lead generating services and join the network in a matter of a few minutes. The sooner you get in, the sooner you start gaining a new edge over your competitors.

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