Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Motorola RAZR V3 Gray with myFaves for T-Mobile

T-Mobile has two new products that give you something special in cellular service. First is a new pearl gray version of the venerable Motorola RAZR V3 razor phone. This RAZR is set up to use the new myFaves service from T-Mobile. Get a myFaves plan and you can call 5 contacts free. These are not limited to other T-Mobile users. You can choose your top five numbers from among other cellular carriers and even landlines.

Let's quickly review the RAZR V3. This one is outfitted in a smooth business gray finish while retaining Motorola's pioneering technology. It's packaged in a tough anodized aluminum shell that easily flips open and closed. It's has a slim 0.5 inch profile and is packed with the features you need on the go.

On the outside of the case you'll find an information display that glows a cool blue. It includes caller ID, so you can see who's calling with the phone still folded shut. Flip open your razor phone and you have a 2.2 inch TFT color display that shows over 65,000 colors. It's coupled with a VGA quality digital camera with 4x digital zoom. The camera can also be used in video capture mode with up to 15 seconds recording time.

This is a quad band GSM phone, meaning that it is capable of operating on the international standard GSM cellular networks in 100 countries. In addition to voice, this phone supports text, multimedia and instant messaging. The extra large phone book includes up to 1,000 entries with up to 4 numbers per entry.

Hands-free operations are supported with speakerphone and Bluetooth communications. You can clip a Bluetooth wireless headset on your ear and stow the phone when it's safer or more convenient to do so. Voice activated dialing is also included. You can even record a voice memo when writing materials aren't handy.

Note that not all T-Mobile cell phones support the myFaves service. This one does. If you find yourself making most of your calls to the same friends, family or colleagues, myFaves could wind up saving you money. T-Mobile estimates that most of its customers call the same five people 65% of the time. A basic myFaves plan costs $39.99 for 300 anytime minutes, but that number is concervative. The people on your myFaves list don't count against your anytime minutes regardless of whether you or they initiate the calls. That includes calls to and from landlines.

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