Thursday, December 07, 2006

Building a Toll Free Virtual Office

Not everyone needs or want a physical business office. It's an ongoing monthly expense that may not be justified if you always visit clients at their place of business or do sales and marketing online, by mail or on the phone. You might not spend much time in an office if you are on the road a lot. But you still need a professional business image and a way to get your business calls and faxes no matter where you are. That's where a toll free office makes sense.

The toll free part refers to the fact that this approach is built upon having a toll free number that goes where you go. Toll free has the advantage that your prospects and customers don't have to pay to call you, so they are more inclined to. Local phone service is tied to a fixed location and costs the caller if they are even a short distance out of town. With a toll free number, you can receive calls from any US state or Canadian province regardless of where you happen to be. You might be in your home office or rented business space. Or you might be in your car, hotel room, airport, or just walking down the street. It matters not with toll free forwarding. You're always taking calls in your "virtual" office.

The beauty of this particular service package is that you can actively manage what phone your toll free number rings to. Set it to ring to a landline when you are anchored to a desk. Set it to ring to your cell phone the rest of the time. You easily change the ring-to number using your online account any time you wish. Even several times a day if that makes sense for how you work.

Don't want to take calls right now? Then don't answer. Your toll free voice mail service will pick up after the number of rings you select. Your callers will be recorded and you can call in to hear them from any phone. Or, log on to your online account and listen to them on your computer. Or for the ultimate in convenience, have your calls delivered to you as email file attachments. You can be sitting at a WiFi hotspot checking your email and listening to your voice mail calls.

Your toll free service will also receive FAX messages as well as voice mail. Callers can ring your toll free number and send you a fax message, even a large document. The system will capture that message as an electronic file you can read online or have sent to you as an email attachment.

This toll free service works in reverse too. In other words you can call your account and then opt to make an outgoing call, just as you would using a pre-paid calling card. Your outgoing calls are simply billed to your account and the rates are very reasonable compared to other calling cards with no plastic card to lose and no limited number of minutes to run out.

Note that all of these services come standard with your toll free number account. You can register one of the readily available 866, 877 or 888 numbers for just $2 and pay just $2 a month to keep it active. Most calls to and from the US 48 states and Canada are just 6.9 cents a minute. Consider the rent on even a tiny office or shared workspace and the toll free virtual office looks mighty sweet.

Want to give the toll free virtual office approach a try? There are no long term commitments and you can set it up instantly online anytime at your convenience. Even right now. Learn more about toll free number service and order at

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