Sunday, December 03, 2006

FAX to Email Service for Mobile Workers

Is it important for you to receive FAX messages and documents while you are nowhere near a FAX machine? FAX to Email is the service you're looking for. Specifically, toll free FAX reception. It's low cost, versatile and comes bundled with voice mail service that you can turn on and off.

Here's how this works. You pick a toll free number that starts at $2 to activate and $2 per month. That's all you're on the hook for. You then set up your toll free account to decide whether to activate the fax reception service and/or the voice mail service. Most people use both, buy you can set up for just fax reception if you wish.

When someone sends a fax message to your toll free number, the system captures it and stores it in electronic format. You can select between TIF/TIFF image files or PDF image files. The most recent 50 faxes are saved for access in your online account. You can also instruct the system to send a copy of the received fax message to an email address of your choice. You choose whether to have the FAX sent as an email attachment or a link to a file.

The incremental cost for each fax message is 6.9 cents per minute for calls that originate in the U.S. 48 states and most of Canada. In months that you don't receive any faxes or otherwise use the service, you pay only the minimal monthly service fee to keep your number active.

Who needs FAX to Email service? Basically anyone who needs to receive a faxed message or documents but either doesn't have a FAX machine or needs to get FAXes while away from the home office. This includes real estate agents, engineers, insurance sales people, on-site customer service personnel, consultants, field agents and other mobile professionals and remote workers. As long as you can get Internet access, either dial-up or broadband, you can access your account or receive your email notifications with FAX attachments.

I mentioned that this service is very versatile and includes much more than FAX to Email service. It also includes voicemail and call forwarding of all telephone calls that ring to your toll free number. With this toll free service you can take your office with you. Simply log into your online account and tell the system what number, landline or cellular, that you want your calls forwarded to. Also set how many seconds the system should wait for you to answer the phone before taking the message. If you don't want to be answering the phone, just set it to 0 seconds so the system will capture all voice / FAX calls.

By the way, you can order and activate this service online at your convenience. Your toll free number will be active and ready to receive calls, including FAXes, as soon as you are done setting up your account.

Does this sound like a service that could be useful for your business? Learn more and order your toll free service now through Agile800

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