Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fossil Bluetooth Caller-ID Watch Tells Who's Calling

Here's the gift for early adopter techs and executives that's got a very practical function. There's a caller ID display right on the face of the watch that wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth enabled phone.

You know you need this. There you are heading down the hall to a meeting and the phone rings. Now, do you reach for the Bluetooth headset that's permanently affixed to your ear to take that call out in the hallway? Or should you blow it off to voice mail and get in your seat before the meeting starts without you? There's no easy way to know, since the phone is buried in your briefcase and your hands are full as it is. So who is it? The hospital with an emergency call? Your best client with a system failure? Or your pesky nephew looking for another handout?

You'll never be in this quandary again when you wear the Fossil - Bluetooth watch. As soon as the phone rings, you'll feel a slight vibrating sensation. Look at the face of the watch and the bright blue OLED display shows you who's calling. Then you can decide whether to take the call or not. You also have the option to mute the phone's ringer or reject the call by simply pushing a button on the watch.

How about text messages? When someone sends you a text message, the watch will vibrate and the text alert icon will appear. This way you never have to worry about missing one of those timely stock tips, a summons to the server room, or fan mail from whomever.

The beauty of this design is that everything is self-contained within the wristwatch case and it's all wireless. The same Bluetooth technology that makes your wireless headset work also enables the Caller-ID display, vibrating alert and cancel buttons. Fossil's Bluetooth is 2.0 compatible. They specify this model, FX6001, to work with most Sony Ericsson Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

The watch is a beauty, too. It's a sporty black stainless steel case with a mineral glass crystal that is water resistant to 3 ATM. That means it won't short out in the rain, but don't take it diving. The time display is your classic two analog hands. Its OLED display is 96 x 16 pixels with a bright glow.

Something like a cell phone, this watch has a lithium rechargeable battery that's good for 5 to 7 days. Then you plug it into the AC adaptor or a USB port on your computer for a 5 volt recharge. If you can't get to a charger in time, the phone will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth radio to save energy and still keep time or another week or so.

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