Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Capture Important Customer Information with Toll Free Numbers

Caller ID was a tremendous advance in that it tells you who is calling before you even pick up the phone. Plus, phones and stand-alone Caller ID devices maintain a history to tell you who's called even if they didn't leave a message. Now, think about expanding that identification and reporting ability to provide a lot more information about your customers and prospects.

Kall8 toll free service is as much about an automated telephone information system as it is about having a toll free number. The toll free numbers are an entree into the system with programmable features and expanded information capture capability. This ability is especially useful to call centers, advertising and marketing companies, and sales people in all fields.

The online account manager gives you access to the reports and ability to make programming changes from just about any computer than connects to the Internet. That includes laptops in WiFi hotspots, Internet Cafes and hotel rooms, as well as desk top PCs. From your online account, you can review call detail, voice mails, faxes and recorded calls.

The Call Detail report shows your incoming calls chronologically by most recent or between dates you select. Each record lists date and time, which of your Kall8 toll free numbers received the call, the number and name displayed by Caller ID, the city and state of the call origination, whether the call was forwarded to a ring-to number or voice mail, the duration of the call and its cost to you. An optional add-on service lets you look up physical addresses for any of these calls. Another optional service automatically sends you call detail reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For no extra charge, you can have the system send you notification of a received call right after it comes in. The email will include Caller ID, date and time of the call, and even the actual voice mail recording as a .WAV file attachment to the email. If a FAX was sent, it can be included as a TIFF or PDF attachment to the email. Checking your toll free number activity is now as simple and convenient as checking your email.

Another optional feature of special interest to call centers or professionals who want a record of their conversations is Call Recording. You can elect to record every toll free call that is received or turn the feature on and off at will to sample conversations. If you wish, you can include a greeting that says something like "this call is being recorded for quality control purposes."

Call recording is particularly useful for training new customer service representatives and providing proof of sales requests taken over the phone. If there is any dispute over what a customer ordered, you'll have the recording to compare with written notes or screen entered data. Call recordings are kept for 30 days by the system and can be downloaded. They can also be archived for an additional fee.

If you are interested in toll free service with this level of sophistication, you can get Kall8 Toll Free Numbers for as little as $2 each plus $2 per month plus the cost of the incoming calls, typically 6.9 cents per minute. Most of the features mentioned are included with the service, with nominal extra fees for the optional services. Learn more at our Agile800 toll free site.

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