Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tell Me You're Not PAYING For Equipment Leads

As a solution provider, you're not still paying for equipment leads... are you?

Oh, no. That gets so expensive, and a lot of those leads just fizzle out anyway. Right?

Here's a better idea. Why not get your sales and marketing leads for telephone systems and IT networking equipment on a commission basis. In other words, qualified leads from serious business customers in your area are emailed to you as they come in, at no cost to you. You choose which ones you want to pursue and do your best to make the sale. If and only if you successfully complete the job and are paid by the customer, do you remit a small percentage of the sale back to the agency that provides you with the leads.

That's right. This business model is quite different from any marketing methods you've been using. Other lead sources require you to pay up front for ads or a set of leads, be it a flat fee or on a per lead basis. Online advertising is worse. You pay by the click and a lot of them are just curious individuals, not even actual businesses. With the VAR Network, your leads come to you with no up-front charges. The online database system is targeted to business users with specific current needs, and are screened by service footprint and product line. These are good leads that may be costing you $25 or more now, if you can even get this quality of lead on a regular basis.

Who joins this network? Nearly 2,500 solution providers, including branch office sales people of major telecom equipment partners. Also independent consultants, telephone system installers, and network equipment resellers. The cost to join the network is the same for everyone. Free. You sign up for the VAR Network quickly and easily online. A VAR Network consultant will call you to complete the application and activate your listing within the network. Typically, your information is active in the database within a business day and being matched to warm leads as they come in.

Where do the leads come from? The VAR Network and its independent marketing agents actively pursue potential business customers online, by direct mail, in print advertising, by telephone and in-person. Many requests for equipment and service support come from existing customers who are leasing telecommunication lines through Telarus, which also runs the VAR Network. Because of this relationship, you have immediate access to qualified technical and sales consultants who can provide line services such as T1, PRI, DS3, and Ethernet WAN to your customers. If you refer a line requirement back to the network, you'll share in ongoing monthly commissions if the sale is closed by Telarus. Stop giving away telco line and WAN business to the phone company, when the VAR Network can help you offer a total solution and a share of the income.

The VAR Network is a new and exciting concept in IT and telecom equipment sales leads. It's a business model that is expanding exponentially. Beat your competitors to the punch by augmenting your sales leads with those from the VAR network. Eventually, you may dump all of your paid advertising. This network is that good.

Have a look at the VAR Network and see how it operates. If you like what you see, you'll find the partner sign-up opportunity right there. Or, get more details on how the business opportunity works at the VAR Partner site, designed for resellers only.

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