Thursday, October 11, 2007

Telnes Broadband for T1 Dedicated Internet

Businesses need highly reliable connections to the Internet. What once was occasional use of the Web is now an integral part of doing business. Even non-Internet companies are now Internet-enabled, requiring consistently available bandwidth to connect to their customers and suppliers and even their telephone service provider. The gold standard for Internet connectivity is the dedicated connection. For most businesses that's provided through a T1 data line with guaranteed availability.

Telnes Broadband is an Internet Service Provider or ISP that is focused on businesses, not residential users. In fact, over 99% of their customer base is comprised of business and government users. They've become a popular provider for companies who depend on their WAN (Wide Area Network) connections to the Internet, especially those who need fast installation and connections for multiple branch offices, distribution centers, franchisees, or customer sites.

Telnes Broadband distinguishes itself by providing coverage out of more than 10,200 central offices nationwide supported by over 800 field technicians. A T1 connection consists of a local loop that connects point to point from your business location to a central office and then a port to the Internet via the provider's network. More than 3,200 central offices in major population centers are designated for "core services" that offer the lowest prices and quickest installations. Expanded services cover smaller markets and more remote areas. The beauty of T1 lines is that they are almost universally available.

Telnes provides their T1 service with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, also referred to as "four nines" availability. They also guarantee network delay (latency), packet delivery, time to repair and installation time as well. One the distinguishing features of business class services versus consumer Internet connections is this type of Service Level Agreement or SLA.

Telnes goes a step further by offering managed services, including managed security and full time link monitoring. They will provide you with a 100% managed firewall that is operated and monitored by their full time security team. Techniques such as intrusion detection, virus and spyware protection, vulnerability scans and network perimeter protection keep pests and predators out, while letting you make full use of the Internet for business purposes.

Once you have a rock solid connection to the Internet, you can do much more than just browse the Web and share emails. You have the option to host your own servers, conduct full motion video conferences, view security cameras, communicate among offices using VoIP telephony, enable remote workers, store and retrieve data off-site, and share data files with remote sites, customers and vendors.

Is your company looking to add T1 Dedicated Internet service or simply looking for a better price or higher performance than the Internet service you have now? If so, let our team of experts help you find the best business broadband services from Telnes Broadband and other competitive providers.

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