Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We're Looking For Successful IT Consultants

You're a seasoned information technology professional. Have you already taken your skills to the next level of success by forming your own consulting company? Perhaps you offer your personal expertise in the design, implementation and troubleshooting of voice and data networks. Maybe you've gone further to become a certified partner with one or more equipment vendors so you can earn extra income from selling the hardware and well as your knowledge. Are you that person? If so, we want you.

What is it we're offering? It's a chance to boost your level of business with additional prospects located in your service footprint and additional service lines. Now, don't worry. There's no cost to get involved and no big learning curve, either. Think of it as an fast and easy incremental boost to the business you are already building.

Interested? Good. Here's what's involved. The opportunity I allude to is the VAR Network. You probably already know that VAR means Value Added Reseller, the industry term for businesses that offer consulting and support services related to the hardware they sell. The basic idea behind the VAR Network is to provide an efficient way to connect businesses that need digital voice and data products and services with independent experts who are already selling to exactly those types of businesses. This doesn't change anything you're doing. It just hooks you up with more customers who may not be aware of your availability.

The VAR Network is so efficient because it's based on Web tools that capture customer requests and route them only to VAR Partners in the right location with the right product line and/or skill set. It handles everything from wiring installation to routers and security appliances, to complete enterprise VoIP solutions including handsets, IP PBX, networking and line services.

Line services? Yes, by becoming a partner of the VAR Network you also become enabled to offer your clients voice and data line services such as T1 lines, DS3 bandwidth, Ethernet WAN connectivity, MPLS networks, VPN solutions, and metro to long haul fiber carriers. This is likely business you've been leaving on the table because you don't have the background or relationships with telecom carriers to make any money from line services. Now you will. All you have to do is gather the customer's requirements and the bandwidth specialists assigned to the VAR Network will put together the best price quotes and handle the contractual paperwork. For literally a few minutes work on your part, you can enhance your income with a cut of the monthly commissions on any line services your customers order.

Whether you're an independent professional or manage a good size consulting firm, it's well worth your while to take a few minutes and check out the VAR Partner Network. That will give you an idea of the range of products and services covered and a view of the online customer interface.

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