Friday, February 08, 2008

Take Your Office PC With You

Road warriors and telecommuters have their trusty notebook computers ready to do business. But what happens when you discover, to your horror, that the files you need are still back on the office desktop PC and nowhere else? Do you live without or get in the car and make that long drive back. Oh, you've just flown to the opposite coast? I guess it's live without. Or is it?

What if you could have your desktop PC delivered anywhere you happen to be at a moment's notice? Wouldn't that completely eliminate the anxiety of whether you've loaded the right files and all of them? It sure would. In fact, you wouldn't need duplicates of all your files. You wouldn't need the applications either. Just your trusty road machine and an application that magically turns any computer into your office computer.

That application is GoToMyPC and you can try it free. GoToMyPC falls into category of remote access software or KVM application. KVM, which stands for Keyboard Video Mouse, is widely used in data centers to operate multiple computers from one central location. You select the computer you want to operate and your keyboard, video and mouse are actually running that machine just as if they were directly connected to it. Basic KVM adapters use switches and wires to make these connections. An IP based KVM application can run on the corporate LAN or over the Internet.

GoToMyPC gives you access to your computer over the Internet from wherever you happen to be. All you need is the software and a broadband connection. You register, download and install the GoToMyPC client on the host computer. That's usually your office machine, although it can be any PC you choose. Have several PCs you need to access? Set them all up. It only takes a few minutes each.

Access the desired host computer over the Internet using any other PC and a Web Browser at GoToMyPC. A self-launching plug-in will give you access to your host PC. Your screen will look just the way it would if you were sitting in front of the host. Your keyboard and mouse operate the host from wherever you happen to be. You can't tell if the computer is in the next room or across the country. That's the beauty of remote access.

Go ahead. Check your email, access files, run applications, print documents. You ARE operating your host computer. Oh, but is it secure? GoToMyPC uses AES encryption using 128-bit keys and dual passwords. You have the option to use one-time passwords for the maximum in security.

How do you buy this service? You pay month to month or buy an annual plan to save 25%. That includes unlimited access, ability to move the host software from machine to machine as needed, and all service and software upgrades. Tech support is also included. There are special packages for IT people who need to administer multiple users, and for corporate-wide use.

But before you shell out anything, you really need to give this a try and see what it can do for you. Get a Free Trial of GoToMyPC plus 10% Off!

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