Friday, March 28, 2008

Thirty Carriers, No Waiting

Are you so flummoxed by your telecom services carrier that you can't see straight? Are you suffering gastrointestinal pains from the feelings of being trapped by your local phone company or the ISP that kinda, sorta provides you with dedicated Internet access? Does you monthly service bill induce all-day migraines?

Yes? Well, why are you putting up with that? You certainly don't have to anymore. The pain that comes with being boxed in by monopolistic service providers is best relieved by having lots and lots of choices for voice and data communications services. How would you like access to 30, count 'em, thirty business grade carriers offering everything from telephone trunk lines to wireless and satellite broadband access?

ISDN PRI telephone trunks for your PBX telephone system? Yes!

MPLS networks to connect all your branch offices together? Yes!

Gigabit Ethernet connections that enable you to transmit radiology images and high definition video in real time? Yes!

Pretty much everything you need in the way of business telecommunications services is not only available, but offered by two or more competing carriers that are hungry for your business. That includes newer services like SIP trunking and Metro Ethernet, along with established services such as T1 lines, DS3 bandwidth, SONET fiber optic rings, Frame Relay, dedicated point to point data connections, and server collocation.

Now, if there was only a fast and easy way to compare service offerings and prices from all these carriers...

Ah, that's the best part. What really makes it possible for small businesses to large corporate enterprises to deal with this wealth of opportunity is a brokerage service that acts as a single point of contact for all of them. That service is exactly what has been developed over the past few years by Telarus, Inc. Telarus has developed a suite of computerized tools, corporate staff, expert consultants and agents that makes it easy for IT managers and business owners to painlessly evaluate specific quotes from a multitude of service providers and pick the solution that makes the most sense.

Your entree to this complimentary pricing and consulting service is through the online search portals at Shop For T1, Shop For Ethernet,Shop for SIP Trunking and similar "Shop For" sites. You'll also find inquiry forms on our sites at T1 Rex, Mega Trunks, Enterprise VoIP, and GigaPackets, to name a few.

All of these portals get you to the same place, so go ahead and enter an inquiry at any of them. Just describe your business need in a few words to give the consulting team an idea of what you need. They'll call you at your convenience to review appropriate services, including special offers with such niceties as free routers, free installation, and burstable bandwidth. If you'd rather talk to someone immediately, just call the toll free number and extension shown on any of the sites.

Who are these 30 carriers that Telarus represents? They range from regional service providers to well known national carriers such as ACC Business, AireSpring, AT&T, Cavalier, Covad, Level3, MegaPath, Network Innovations, NewEdge Networks, Nuvox, PAETEC, One Communications, PowerNet Global, Qwest, TelePacific, Telnes, Time Warner Telecom, UCN, and XO Communications.

You won't pay a cent extra to let Telarus act as your broker to negotiate the best rates from the carrier and service level of your choice. There is no charge to you for any of the Telarus consulting services and the service rates you pay are as good as you'd get if you showed up on the carrier's doorstep and negotiated your best deal.

An additional service that you'll find valuable is the VAR Network. This is a database of business telephone and networking service businesses who are value added resellers of equipment for such companies as Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, Polycom, 3Com, Lucent, Nortel and many others. These local, regional, and national telecom businesses will sell you the equipment you need and even install hardware and wiring as needed. With a simple inquiry, you'll get one more responses from dealers in your area who specialize in what you need.

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