Friday, May 30, 2008

BlackBerry Fun and Games

Been working hard? Time for a break? Well, then, let's play some Guitar Hero. But no need to go home and fire up your video game console. We're going to play Guitar Hero on our BlackBerry. Anybody looking? Good. Pick your Gibson guitar, pick your favorite character, pick your venue and get ready to shred!

Wait a second. Shred and BlackBerry in the same sentence? Sure. Well, it may not be something you want to do in middle of some terminally serious business meeting. But when you're away from suit territory, why not? If it's YOUR BlackBerry, then you can jolly well put whatever stress relief on it that you want.

BlackBerry. It's not just for corporate email anymore. Or even spreadsheets. Bplay lets you add entertainment to spice up your stodgy smartphone. You can choose from games, themes, wallpaper and music. And it's all just for fun.

The top five games right now are Guitar Hero 3 Mobile, Texas Hold'em King 3, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Golden Tee Golf Mobile Edge, and Sudoku. Or is Call of Duty4 Modern Warfare more your style? Hey, it's good practice for corporate warfare. Tell your boss you need to stay in fighting trim if you get caught playing this one during company hours.

Dress up your stodgy BlackBerry screen with dozens of themes. How about Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia for a Star Wars theme? There's art, college, zodiac, movies and icon themes among the collection. Even Republican and Democratic political themes. Get 'em while the elections are hot.

Along with themes, there is wallpaper to transport you to a better place. That could be anywhere from a tropical beach to the dunes of Mars or the rings of Saturn. Anyplace but cubical wall beige or that phony office woodgrain.

By the way, what sort of ringtone do you have? Wouldn't an MP3 Realtone of your favorite music be a lot better? If you think so, you have a lot to choose from. All the genres including Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, University Fight Songs, Classical, Jazz and Gospel are represented. Pick the artist and song that represents you best.

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