Thursday, July 03, 2008

Workaholic and Proud of IT

Are you a workaholic? OK, is technology your profession? Enough said.

Well, did you know that workaholics have their own day of recognition? It's not exactly a holiday. That wouldn't be in keeping with the workaholic tradition. Workaholics Day is July 5. You know, the day when everyone else is recovering from the 4th celebrations.

They're all in a semi-stupor with their ears still ringing from standing too close to the fireworks show. Or nursing burns from foolishly lighting off their own backyard shows. Meanwhile, you're roasting in the server room while installing some much needed hardware upgrades. Holiday weekends are traditionally the best times for hardware and software upgrades. There's little activity in the office and most customers aren't hitting the servers.

Sadly, holiday weekends are just a small slice of the work schedule. All the other days and nights, weekdays and weekends are also work days in this 24/7/365 economy. If you're one of the driven who embrace the "always on" lifestyle, then you are certainly qualified to celebrate your day - Workaholics Day.

So, just how does a workaholic celebrate? More work? That seems redundant. Time off? That seems wasteful. How about proclaiming to the world that you are a workaholic and proud of it. That's it! Put it in their face!

You can do just that with workaholic themed items, such as mugs, T-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, hats and the like. Cafe Press has a pretty complete selection of stuff for the true workaholic.

Treat yourself, or treat someone you know who really doesn't have time to be shopping for themselves. You can also send a Workaholics Day e-card to share a few smiles with somebody you care about who is slaving away instead of slacking this July 5. Just don't send it from some exotic beach vacation area. Unless, of course, you are actually sitting on the beach with your laptop computer and BlackBerry online and hard at work.

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