Friday, January 16, 2009

Manage Your Cables Before They Manage You

Cables interconnecting technology equipment are like weeds in a vacant lot. Turn your back for very long and they've completely taken over. We all have our horror stories of rat's nest wiring that's indecipherable. You don't dare make any changes because you're not too sure exactly how things are hooked up. You just know it's working for now. But it's just a matter of time before that spaghetti bowl becomes a non-culinary disaster. Is there anything that might save the day?

Indeed there is. It's called organization. It's not necessarily the most fun job and certainly one to be resented if you've inherited someone else's tangled undocumented mess. But it needs to be done and the sooner the better. In fact, being organized from the get-go is the best plan of all.

Now, just what do you need to bring order to chaos? Fortunately there are a plethora of cable management and wire organizer products available to help you. In fact, you'll find a huge selection right now at Let's take a look at some of what is available and how you might press these products into service.

Nobody like an unsightly bundle of cables hanging around. Bundle is sometimes generous term. Octopus tentacles stretching here and there might be more like it. That's where raceways, conduits and cable ducts turn a messy situation into a vision of neatness. Think that because all those wires are up there above the drop ceiling that they are out of mind as well as out of sight? That only lasts until somebody has to stick a ladder up there and add a new cable run or trace a faulty connection. Don't you hate it when you push open a ceiling tile and a festooning collection of wires comes slinking down? Especially when they slink down on top of you? Don't be a victim of that! Get the cable bundling products you need to wrangle that infrastructure wiring.

What happens when you need to bring power and telecom services to a new desk. Do you just punch a hole in the ceiling and drop some wires down? Doesn't THAT make a great impression on visitors and reinforce the values of professionalism among the staff? A power and telecom distribution pole makes an affordable and fine looking solution when you need to get your services from above rather that through floor connections.

Cable identification should be a top priority if it isn't already. Don't use file folder labels or pieces of duct tape. Too tacky looking. Instead, invest in wire markers, ID cable ties, heat shrink labels, and one of those handheld label printers. Don't forget to make a log of sources and destinations for each wire, even if it's just something handwritten. Memory is too fickle and assumes that you are the only one who will ever need the information. And what are the chances of that?

Well, you've got the idea. Are you motivated to get started? Great! Take a quick visit now to and peruse the huge selection of cable wiring, labeling, termination and bundling solutions. They've also got racks, patch cords, tools, fire protection products and test equipment, among other offerings. Organizing your cables? Hey, it's not too late for a New Year's resolution!

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