Friday, March 06, 2009

Buy, Buy BlackBerry

You've been hearing about BlackBerry wireless devices for years and perhaps envy those high power execs that have their own. But why not get one for yourself? There are some secrets about BlackBerry you should know and the biggest one is that there's a BlackBerry for you.

BlackBerry Bold. Click to compare models.The first thing you should know is that a BlackBerry is actually a cell phone. Yes, beyond all the high-tech fanciness, the BlackBerry is really a great cell phone. That's one reason execs carry them. They take the place of an ordinary cell phone because they do the same job. You can get a BlackBerry for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel and T-Mobile.

The next thing that you should know is that a BlackBerry device doesn't cost an arm and a leg anymore. They are highly discounted by the carriers when you buy them with a new service plan. Some models are so well discounted that they are available free or even free with a cash back rebate. Even the newer high performance models will set you back less than $200 when you order them online.

When you think of BlackBerry, you probably imagine a square shaped black handheld device with a large color screen and lots of buttons below it. That's the classic BlackBerry look, like you'll find in the RIM BlackBerry 8700g model. But there are other BlackBerry phones that are styled in red or pink or a frosty blue color. Many models are available in silver as well as black. The BlackBerry Storm doesn't have a physical keyboard at all. The familiar QWERTY keyboard appears virtually on the extra large display screen when needed. There's even a BlackBerry flip phone called the Pearl Flip 8220 Maroon. It looks like an ordinary flip phone with an analog clock on the external display. But flip it open and there's the keyboard you need along with the pearl navigation device.

All in all, there are 35 BlackBerry phones you can compare using a simple online search tool. You'll find everything from the very business-like 8830 World Edition to the popular BlackBerry Bold, the many variations of the Pearl and Curve models, the Flip and the Storm. It's up to you to pick the features that make sense for the way you want to use your BlackBerry. Fortunately, that's much easier using the "view features" magnifying glass located near the picture of each BlackBerry. Or select up to 6 models by clicking their check boxes and you can compare them side by side. The "compare" button is near the bottom of the list.

So, don't feel that you have to deny yourself a BlackBerry because they are too expensive or won't do what you need in a cellphone or mobile productivity device. Instead, check out all the current BlackBerry offers now. If you can finally settle on just one, you can order it quickly and easily online.

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