Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goose Your Technical Service Business

Have you noticed that business has been slowing down lately? Perhaps you have as many inquiries as ever, but customers are hesitant to commit. It's probably nothing that you're doing wrong or differently. It's likely just the current state of the economy. Even so, is there any way you can goose your business to maintain or even raise your income? Sure there is.

These comments may apply to many different types of businesses, but the specifics are related directly to business telephone or computer networking technical service businesses. If that describes you, then you're in luck. Here are a couple of ideas that could give your business that extra boost when you most need it.

The idea is an opportunity that comes free of charge. It's membership in the VAR Network. VAR is Value Added Reseller and most often applies to companies that are authorized resellers of equipment such as routers, switches, IP PBX systems, handsets, security appliance, WAN optimizers, and the like. But it can also apply to technical consultants who help companies design their networks, select system components or install and maintain phone systems or networks.

What the VAR Network offers you is a registry of your business with details on the particular products and services you support and the footprint where you operate. There's no charge to be included in this online registry. Once your details are entered into the database and approved, you'll be qualified to receive inquiries from companies actively seeking your products and services. Think of it as a match making service between sellers and potential buyers of business technology. Whatever warm leads that come your way will probably be in addition to the business you currently have. That sounds like a net increase, doesn't it?

Another advantage of membership in the VAR Network is that you gain access to an organization with vast resources to provide competitive line services such as T1 voice and data, DS3, Ethernet, SONET fiber optic and even wireless point of sale. Chances are that you are not currently as well connected and maybe don't even deal in the specialized field of telecom line services. But with a couple dozen providers and experienced consultants at your beck and call, you can easily offer your clients the line services they need in addition to the physical hardware. For them it's one stop shopping. For you, it's extra monthly income.

The other idea isn't free, but it's pretty low cost. It's an add-on to your current business phone system that adds valuable features and opportunities to promote your business. For a few dollars a month, you obtain a toll free number that forwards to any or all of the phones you are now using. It includes such niceties as FAX on demand and an informational mailbox. You pitch your services and potential customers can impulsively connect you to in an instant no matter where you happen to be. Learn more about this by reading "Sales Lead Generation in a Recession" to see what it can do for you.

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