Monday, June 01, 2009

Set Up Secure Remote Computer Access

Have you wondered how to connect to a remote desktop while you are on a business trip, working from home or at a remote office or on a business trip? There's any easy way to do this and you can give it a try for free.

The technology you are looking for is called remote access. It's where you establish a secure link so that one computer can use another as if you were sitting right in front of the distant monitor and keyboard. With remote access, you don't have to worry about having the same applications and files on your desktop and laptop PCs and then keeping them in sync. You simply use your laptop to remote log into your distant desktop and then run applications, upload and download files and even print remotely. You colleagues may wonder why the printer is running in your dark office, but you'll know and you can pick up the printouts when you get back.

Remote access capability might sound like it's leaving a way in for hackers and others who would do you harm. But set up with a password protected encrypted connection and you actually have a security advantage. A lot of business data loss isn't caused by outside forces breaking through your firewall. It's from employees who download sensitive data to their laptop computers so they can work while traveling or at home. Inevitably, some of these machines get left in taxis or otherwise acquired by outsiders. Your precious customer files and business documents need to be kept securely at the company office and nowhere else. If you need access to the data, use your office computer or remote access capability. But leave the files themselves where they should be.

The same is true for personal information. Do you really want to be carrying a laptop with all your banking, brokerage, medical and tax information or other sensitive data? Somewhere between the bus, the airport, the taxi, and the hotel room there could be an opportunity to set the machine down and forget it or have it snatched by someone who thinks it's worth a few dollars. Imagine their surprise when they find a wealth of personal info to sell to the highest bidder. Don't carry this information with you. If you need to get to it while you are on the go, use your remote access to view your files and download only what you need.

So, how do you set up secure remote access? One easy to use program that does it is GoToMyPC. It's a system consisting of a small software package that you download to your desktop computer and specialized servers at GoToMyPC. You leave your desktop computer running and connected to the Internet while you are away. When you want access, you log-in to a secure Web site running on the servers. You're not directly dialing into the desktop itself. The connection is brokered by GoToMyPC and is encrypted end to end to make it secure.

From your remote vantage point, your browser sees what you'd see if you were sitting in front of your desktop PC hundreds or thousands of miles away. You can open folders, run applications, upload and download files, and print just as if you were there. Everything is compressed and optimized for speed, so you won't experience time lags in your session.

Does this sound like something that would work for you? If so, learn more and get a Free Trial plus 10% Off on GoToMyPC Remote Access.

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