Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dynamic T-1 Offers Business Savings

As a small but growing business, your needs have grown from a single analog phone line to multiple outside lines for local and perhaps long distance calling. You could just keep adding more lines, one at a time, but isn't there a better approach that could be more cost effective? You bet there is. It's called Dynamic T-1.

A dynamic T-1 line is pretty much what it sounds like. This is a T-1 service that adapts itself to your needs on a continuous basis. But how does it do that and why?

First of all, let's consider the traditional T-1 line. T-1 is a digital voice and data line service that can provide you with up to 24 telephone lines or 1.5 Mbps of broadband Internet access on a single line. It actually uses 2 pair of copper telephone wire, so it's a service that's available just about anywhere. Some T-1 lines are set up as private point to point connections between two business locations.

Dynamic T-1 is a newer variation on the T-1 line that gives you both telephone and broadband Internet on the same line. This makes it an ideal choice for the smaller business that needs both telephone lines and Internet broadband. A larger business might need multiple T-1 lines to accommodate their many employees. But as a smaller business, you need something sized for your type of company and priced so that you can afford it.

The way dynamic T-1 service works is that the service provider installs a special piece of equipment often called an IAD or Integrated Access Device at your premises. The T-1 line goes in one side. Your connections for telephone and Internet come out the other side. There's an equivalent piece of equipment at the other end of the line so that the provider can feed both phone service and Internet service to you.

Dynamic T-1 is an advanced form of Integrated T-1 service. The term integrated means that both voice and data are integrated or combined into a single line service. But note that all integrated services are not dynamic. Earlier Integrated T-1 service allocated bandwidth for a given number of phone lines whether they were in use or not. Dynamic T-1 gives priority to phone calls, but re-assigns that bandwidth to speed up your broadband access when the phone is hung up.

Is dynamic T-1 service right for your business? It's certainly more cost effective than buying separate T-1 lines for telephone and Internet access when that's more capacity than you really need. It can also save you money compared to buying a bunch of individual telephone lines and a separate DSL or Cable broadband service that may not be all that reliable. Dynamic T-1 service is highly reliable and an excellent value for the money. Check it out for yourself. Get prices and availability for dynamic T1 service now.

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