Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scale Into Toll Free Number Service

You’ve been thinking that toll free numbers would be a big boost for your business. But it’s also been hard to commit to plunking down a major chunk of change to order a suite of numbers and their monthly service fees. What if this isn’t such a great idea after all? What if the business doesn’t expand the way you think it will? What if most of those numbers just sit there unused but still require a substantial monthly expense to keep them active?

Whoa! There’s no need to dig yourself into that hole. Don’t go making a major commitment until you know your toll free service will generate a handsome profit. Instead, just dip a toe into the water and see what happens.

That toe is perhaps a single toll free number. What you want is a way to try the service with all the features, but limited to just a single trial number or a few at most. That way you can publish a toll free number and get a feel for how everything works but limit your cost exposure.

Is there a toll free service that offers this ability to started small and grow as large as you need? Indeed there is. It’s Kall8 toll free service.

Just what do you get with Kall8? It’s a service that’s designed for small businesses with the scalability to serve major corporations. The heart of the service is your online account manager. Use your Internet Web browser to set up your numbers and change those settings at will. When you want to expand your number portfolio, you can easily click the button for “Add New Number” any time you wish. There’s also 24 hour customer service, toll free of course, if you want assistance at any time.

Some of the features you can change on the fly include the ring-to number, Voice Mail, FAX reception, virtual calling card, Caller ID, maximum call length, call routing, and call blocking. While you are in your account, you can view call history, pick up FAXes that you didn’t happen to see in your email, and listen to voice mail messages that you also didn’t have a chance to retrieve by calling-in or via email attachment.

So how much of a commitment are we talking about to try this sophisticated toll free service? Would you be shocked to learn that it’s just $2 to acquire an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number and $2 a month to maintain it. That plus the 6.9 cents per minute for incoming calls from the US 48 states. Classic 800 numbers are also available at a slightly higher cost.

Oh, but what about the contractual commitment?

Contract? What contract? There is no contract. You can cancel your service anytime and all it costs is what you’ve paid to date. There’s no cancellation fee unless you decide to keep the number and take it elsewhere. But why would you? This is the best toll free deal going.

Are you teetering on the edge of trying this service? With so little to lose and potentially so much to gain, why not order a toll free number and service right now. It’s an automated online process, so your number is ready for use as soon as you’ve completed ordering. Try it for a few months and see how much you come to depend on your new toll free service. Then go into your account and add more numbers as your needs grow. It’s so fast, easy, cheap and low risk that you’ll wish all your business services worked like this.

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