Friday, September 18, 2009

Sports Camera Lets You Web The Surf

You already surf the Web for hours on end. But have you ever Webbed the Surf?

Buy GoPro HERO Camera at GoPro.comWhat I mean by that, dude, is have you ever filmed yourself surfing and then posted it on the Web?

How do you do that? The easy way is to use the GoPro Surf HERO waterproof digital camera. It’s an ultra wide angle video camera with a 170 degree angle of view that mounts to the deck of your board. There’s also a stick-on baseplate model. The wide angle will capture a 6 2” surfer in the frame while riding a 6 foot surfboard.

All you have to do is press the shutter button to activate while you’re paddling out. It will start recording TV quality video for the next 56 minutes. You can forget about it until you get back to shore and view the results. An alternate mode lets you take 5 Megapixel photos every 2 seconds for over an hour. You’re bound to get something worth posting in that time.

Oh, yes, there’s also a built-in microphone with adjustable recording level to catch the sound of the waves or whatever screaming goes on.

What happens when this camera gets wet, as it most certainly will? No problem. The Surf HERO is waterproof to 100 feet (30 meters). If a shark bites it off and dives for the deep, all bets are off.

Now, if surfing is not your sport but you’d still like to see the view while you bike, kayak, ski, snowboard, base jump or otherwise engage in thrilling activities, there’s a HERO camera model for you. The RC Hero mounts in a radio controlled car, plane or boat. It’s also waterproof. The helmet HERO mounts on your sports helmet to give you an athlete’s eye view of whatever lies ahead.

There’s a Motorsports HERO that you can mount to your car, motorcycle, board or plane. There are lots of mounting options for outside on the vehicle to inside on the windshield. You’ve seen those cool Indy Car views on TV during the race. This device won’t broadcast like that, but you’ll get excellent photos and videos for later watching.

Or strap one on your wrist and go diving or climbing. That will keep your camera nice and secure. There’s even a chest mount that’s perfect for capturing the approach of that charging grizzly bear. Your heirs will get a kick out of watching this footage for generations.

So, do you relish outdoor activities and wish you had some pictures or video of you endeavors to share? The answer is right here with the GoPro HERO cameras

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