Friday, September 25, 2009

Try Computer Based Video Training Free

So much software, and so little time to learn by doing. That’s the nature of today’s sophisticated software packages. You can probably give yourself a jump start with the quick-start guide that comes in the box or with a “dummies” or “missing manual” book. But how long will you have to fool around with the system to gain any proficiency, not to mention efficiency? Isn’t there a faster way to get up to speed?

Video Professor thinks so. They’ve built their business on computer based video training. You load the lesson CDs on your computer and then follow along with the video demonstrations. You have the opportunity to pause, rewind or fast-forward at any time so you can proceed at your own pace. It’s a structured guided learning approach rather than learning functions ad-hoc as the need arises.

Video Professor’s offerings have matured along with the computer industry. Their most popular titles include Windows, Word, Excel and eBay. But they also offer Photoshop 7.0, Microsoft Office Integration, Window’s Vista and Photoshop CS3 training. There’s quite a range of training available for beginners and experienced users alike.

Video Professor has upgraded its training programs into what they call a “learning suite.” This suite includes 3 CD-ROMs that provide the video training on your computer, plus hours of free bonus instruction on related topics and other learning tools.

One thing that differentiates Video Professor from other providers of educational materials is the way their training courses are sold online. You order the title of the learning suite that you are interested in and you have 10 days to give it a try before you are committed to buying. Let’s say you order the Excel Advanced title and find out it’s just not for you. In this case you only need send back one of the three CD-ROMs that comprise the lesson and you’re off the hook. You can keep the other two lessons and continue to use them for free. You just won’t have the complete package. You also have the option to return all the materials within 10 days and get a full shipping and processing refund upon request. Video Professor explains all of this in detail in the "how it works" section of their website.

The promise of a free trial and the unique offer to keep some of the material at no charge even if you don’t want to buy the complete program are a way to get people to try the service even if they are not sure that this type of training is for them. With millions of home and business users trained by Video Professor and over 60 titles in production, the computer based video training approach must be the way a lot of people enjoy learning.

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