Friday, October 09, 2009

Wrapsol is Like a Force Field Around Your Gadgets

Oh, the beauty of a brand new piece of electronic equipment. So, sleek, so perfect. But anywhere from a few minutes to a few days later, it’s spoiled. There’s a nasty scratch right on the face of your beautiful gadget. No way will you ever not be able to notice it. Call it “paradise spoiled.” Shame there isn’t a way to keep your new gear looking new indefinitely. Oh, wait, there is!

Get a Wrapsol solution for your special electronic gearThe solution is something called Wrapsol. It’s an optically clear screen film that coats your device like a second skin. Scratches can’t get anywhere near that precious mirror-like finish you paid so much for. Think of it as a force field that envelopes and protects. Someday technology may actually make such a force field practical. Today, the solution is Wrapsol body film.

So, how is this different from buying some of that peel-and-stick laminating film at the office supply store and slathering it all over your cell phone or laptop computer?

Oh, please. Do you want trashy or do you want classy? Wrapsol is made of a 14-mil optically clear screen film and a proprietary matte finish body film that shuns smudges and fingerprints, while still giving you a solid grip on your device. It goes on nice and smooth, not with that “orange peel” texture you might get if you used just any old film.

What sort of devices need Wrapsol? Pretty much anything electronic, portable and shiny that costs more than a few dollars. This is a high-tech system, custom sized for popular devices and not trivially inexpensive. You’ll spend a few bucks, but how much is it worth to keep that brand new look? How much did you spend on that iPhone anyway? Are you just going to shove it in your pocket and live with all the scratches that you’ll get... this afternoon?

Wrapsol has custom die-cut systems available for that Apple iPhone 3G and 3G S. There are also products for various BlackBerry models, other cell phones, Apple iPods and Microsoft Zune music players, popular notebook and netbook computers, game consoles, digital readers, including the Amazon Kindle, even cameras and GPS units. Each is specially cut and ready for application so you’ll get an exact fit.

No, you don’t just take a scissors to a big piece of plastic film. In fact, put that scissors away before you hurt yourself. You won’t need it. You’ll get a complete kit that includes the custom cut film, a soft reusable lint-free microfiber towelette, a mister with the application solution and a non-marking flexible squeegee. Plus instructions, of course.

Are you ready for a scratch protection system that’s as upscale as your brand new expensive electronic device? Then have a look at Wrapsol before you even take your new purchase out of the box.

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