Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deals

Where’s the best place to find special offers on cell phones? Online, of course. If you are searching for Cyber Monday deals or just generally in the market for a new cell phone, you’ll save a bundle with these free and discounted cell phone specials. Take note that the offers I’m quoting are only good for the Black Friday weekend sale that ends at Midnight, today, Monday.

Special FREE cell phone offers. Click for details.How about a free cell phone after an instant online discount? You have your choice of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in black for AT&T. It’s not only one hot smartphone, it comes with a special bonus of free activation on up to five new or upgrade lines. Wow, you could order a family plan and get free BlackBerry Bolds for everyone. That’s one bill per month and you all share one bucket of minutes.

You like BlackBerry devices, but want a different model? How about the BlackBerry Curve in Titanium or silver? Or treat yourself to the advanced technology BlackBerry Storm2 Black for Verizon Wireless. I know, this phone comes with the hefty price of almost $600. But you’re not going to pay that. No way. Your price for this sale is just $9.99. You also get free standard shipping via FedEx and a bonus of no activation fee on the lines you order.

That’s right, a BlackBerry Storm2 for under ten bucks. Can you believe it? Well, don’t rub your eyes too long or this offer will disappear. Order the phone and plan you want now while this incredible sale is still in progress. By the way, the BlackBerry Storm 9530 Black is also available and it’s free after instant discount.

Wow! Are there any other good deals through Cyber Monday? You bet there are. On the Sprint PCS network you can get the Samsung Exclaim M550 Berry, the Sanyo SCP-2700 Blue, The BlackBerry Curve 8330 Red or the LG Rumor 2 Black in titanium, all for free after the instant online discount. You’ve seen these phones and priced them in the stores. You have your choice of the same service plans at the same prices as you would get in a cellular store or a big box retailer. But are they offering these phones to you for free? I’ll bet not. But shop for cell phones online and they are, indeed, free.

We just ran a review of the Samsung Solstice for AT&T. It’s one great smartphone. For you - free. How about a Samsung Highlight Blue for the T-Mobile wireless network? You guessed it - free.

Are you considering a netbook for work or personal use? You have your choice of netbooks with connectivity on the Verizon Wireless or AT&T networks. They’re under $200 when you order them online. These are serious computers with 1GB of RAM and large capacity hard drives. They’re just a bit smaller and lighter than your standard laptop computer. With both WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity, you’ll have Internet connectivity wherever you happen to be.

This is a terrific opportunity to get what you and your family really want for holiday gifts. It’s the good stuff. And now it’s well within your budget at these huge discounts and even free smartphones. Shop by carrier or just check out all the today’s special deals through Cell Phone Plans Finder. Even if you find this too late to catch the Black Friday Weekend through Cyber Monday sale, you may still be delighted by the variety of free and low cost wireless devices available.

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