Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Low Cost 800 Numbers For You

Have you been considering an 800 toll free number for your business, but are concerned about the cost? Good news! Low cost 800 numbers are available for instant activation and you can have one for just $5.

Does that sound like a price that will work for you? Perhaps it sounds too low, considering some of the other quotes you’ve received. But it’s true. You can order an 800 toll free telephone number for your exclusive use and it will cost you just $5 to reserve it. The cost to maintain service is $5 a month for as many months as you want to keep the number. If you decide you don’t need it anymore, just cancel your service and you’ll owe nothing more than your final bill.

But keep the 800 number and look at all the features you’ll enjoy. First of all, you’ll be able to change the ring-to number at will. The ring-to number is the number of the phone that rings when a toll free call comes in. That can be your office phone, your home phone, your cell phone, a phone at some place you are temporarily staying, or other phone. Some people change the ring-to number during the course of the day so that they can always be reached at the same toll free number. Others simply set it to one phone and let unanswered calls go to voice mail.

Yes you do get voice mail with this toll free service. You can call in to get your messages, listen to them online, or have them sent to your email as a sound attachment. You don’t need a phone to get your voice mail messages.

You also don’t need a phone to get your FAX messages. Any time that someone sends a FAX to your toll free number, that FAX message is received and converted to an image that can be viewed online or sent to you as an email attachment. No matter where you are, if you have access to a computer or smartphone with an HTML Web browser, you can get your FAX messages.

There are also some fancier features such as virtual calling card. You call one of three voice mail access numbers and enter your toll free number and password. After that you can make outbound calls at the same rate as incoming calls. In most cases, that will be a lot cheaper than using a hotel phone.

The per minute rate for outgoing or incoming calls on your 800 number is just 6.9 cents per minute for calls that originate in the 48 US states. Calls from Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or pay phones have a surcharge. For Alaska and Hawaii it’s an extra 7 cents a minute.

You also have conference calling available on your toll free service. Conduct conferences with up to 25 participants any time for as long as you like. Host them from your cell phone if you want. You’ll be charged the regular per minute rate for each conference participant that dials in on your toll free number.

Caller ID? You bet. You have the choice of setting the Caller ID to display your toll free number or the caller’s number. If you have several toll free numbers for several business opportunities, using the toll free number for caller ID let’s you know how to respond to a particular call.

Let’s recap. You can order an 800 toll free number right now and be using it in a matter of minutes. You pay $5 to reserve the number for your use and $5 a month for the complete array of toll free service features. Any incoming calls from the 48 US states will cost 6.9 cents per minute.

It’s quite a deal, right? This is reliable, high quality toll free service available without any contracts. It bills to your charge card. Want an even better deal? Get the same service features for $2 per number and $2 per month when you choose an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number instead of the more traditional 800 number.

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