Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ether Rabbit Finds Cheap Ethernet Fast

What's quick as a bunny and knows where the best deals on Metro Ethernet services are hiding? Why, the Ether Rabbit, of course!

Don’t you mean Easter Rabbit? Sure, for eggs both colored and chocolate. But to find cheap business Ethernet connections, you need a technology specialist. That’s the Ether Rabbit. Here’s a sneak peak at the newly updated site:

Visit the Ether Rabbit for fast service on fast Ethernet services

What sort of services do you require? Just use the handy inquiry form for service. If you know exactly what you are looking for, put that into the comments so that the expert consultant serving you can get prices and availability right away. If not, that's OK. Simply describe your application or business needs in general and we'll see what matches.

Go ahead and use this inquiry form now. The sooner your needs are known, the faster you can get service. Please note that this service is for businesses with their own business locations. Home office and residential users are encouraged to find appropriate services at Can I Get DSL?

What type of Ethernet services are available? There’s just about any bandwidth you could want available over fiber optic service, from standard 10 Mbps on up to 10 Gbps. Most of the time you can get scalable service, so you only have to buy what you need right now and have the ability to upgrade to a higher bandwidth later with only a phone call to your provider. In many cases you can get 10 Mbps and even higher Ethernet bandwidth delivered over twisted pair copper wiring. This means you save on fiber construction costs but still enjoy lower prices that typical telecom services for the same bandwidth.

So, are you interested in fast Ethernet service in all senses of the word? Then hop over and see what the Ether Rabbit can find for cheap Ethernet service near you.

Click to check pricing and features or get support from a Telarus product specialist.

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