Friday, July 09, 2010

Recycle Video Games and Gaming Systems

So, how many video games and gaming systems do you have? Not just the two or three that you are using now. How many different systems and how many games for each system are there hidden in the nooks and crannies of your house or apartment? Too many to count? I thought so.

See how much your games and controls are worth now.Now, how would you like to quickly and easily convert some of those games and game consoles that you aren’t using anymore to cash? Yes, cold, hard cash. Well, actually it’s a check and it’s neither cold nor hard. But it is money. It’s money that you can use to buy anything you want, including the latest in video games and gaming systems.

Did I happen to mention that this is quick and easy? One of the reasons that we all have a bunch of systems and dozens upon dozens of games scattered here and there is that unloading them can be a lot of trouble. Unless you have a local store that buys this stuff, you are faced with the onerous chore of running classified ads and dealing with whoever shows up at the door and whenever they decide to show up. Or, you can take pictures and run auctions, hoping for the best. Oh, it didn’t sell? That’s depressing.

Forget all that grief. Sell your used video games and game systems to an online recycler and be done with it in minutes, not hours or days. The process is about as easy as you can get and it’s even fun. Think of it as a treasure hunt. You’re on the hunt to see what you can get for stuff that’s just taking up space right now. All you need to do is run a quick search for the game or game platform that you own. You can also just browse through the selections if you have the time and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Once you’ve found your game, just answer a couple of quick questions about the condition of the game disc or cartridge and what accessories you have. Then click the “Calculate” button and find out how much you’ll get paid for what you have. Each one takes a matter of a few second. If you like the offer, you can add it to your “box” which is like a shopping cart in reverse. All done? Go ahead and request a free pre-paid mailer. When it comes, pack your items in it and send it on its way. Once the condition of your submission have been verified, you’ll get a check in the mail. It could be enough to buy a new game. It might be enough to buy a whole new system. It all depends on what you have and what condition it is in. The newer and cleaner, the better.

What type of games and gaming systems can you sell? If you have anything for Atari, Microsoft Xbox or Xbox 360, Nintendo GameBoy or GameBoy Advance, Gamecube, DS, DS Lite, Wii, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2 or 3 or PSP, you may be in luck. This is not a comprehensive list, so even if you have something else, it is worth your while to take a few seconds and see if you can get paid.

By the way, electronics recycling is not limited to video games and consoles. The most popular item to recycle is cell phones. There are hundreds of millions of them out there and many could be easily converted to cash. Also, digital cameras, desktop and laptop computers, LCD monitors, projectors, streaming media devices, home audio Blu-Ray players, satellite radios, camcorders, camera lenses, MP3 players, external drives, PDAs and even movies. Round up all your electronic stuff and send them in. You may be sitting on a small fortune and not even know it.

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