Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stress Testing For Your Website

You’ve built your website and bought hosting. Now you’ve launched a massive marketing campaign designed to recover all that time and expense through online sales. Everything is going smoothly until, horror of horror, the entire ecommerce enterprise comes crashing down. Worse, yet, it was during huge surge of visitor activity. What rotten luck.

Luck? I don’t think so. You could have known this was going to happen. How? By stress testing your website in advance of the traffic onslaught. Many companies don’t and find the weak spots in their infrastructure the hard way. The most unfortunate get brought down during the holiday rush and don’t recover in time to take advantage of the bubble in shopper traffic.

Don’t let this happen to you. Know where you stand before you find out the hard way. Load testing will tell you in short order how much capacity you really have so you can be sure to handle the traffic that will come your way or beef up the system while you have time.

BrowserMob load testing has the resources to give your web properties a run for their money, so that they can really run for the money when the opportunity permits. This is a cloud based service that make serious load testing affordable for companies large and small. In fact, the best deal of all is a free trial offer. Give BrowserMob a chance to stress test your site and see how it stands up.

The BrowserMob cloud generates massive amounts of simulated traffic using virtual users, real browser users or a combination of both. The traffic comes from a large pool of IP addresses to simulate actual visitors coming in from various parts of the country or around the world.

Not quite sure how to perform this type of testing? No problem. BrowserMob has a world class support staff to provide you with expert testing advice. Some of the features you’ll be interested in are real browsers to mimic the actual user experience, True AJAX support, flash video streaming and a maximum concurrent browser pool of up to 5,000 browsers. The maximum data throughput is over 6,000 Mbps. That’s the type of traffic that could cost or make you a fortune depending on whether your site can support it.

Can load testing tell you things about your website that you’ll be really glad to know? There’s one way to find out. Take a free cloud-based load test and see how it works. Then upgrade as needed to get the basic and premium testing you need to ensure the performance of your web properties.

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